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Ultrasone Edition 8 Ruthenium Reviews


Ultrasone Edition 8 Review


Pros: Wide sound stage with strong all round performance in bass, treble and midrange underpinned by only 30 ohms of impedance.

Cons: Short cable with minute quality loss with extension cable. Metal plating leads to substantial fingerprint marks and no hard carry case provided.

Hey guys, it's me Triple8Fidelity. This is my first review and also venture into head-fi.   First of all, i'm a music student at Monash University specializing in 'cello. I listen to a lot of  classical music works, many which I have played in e.g. Beethoven's 9th, Carmina Burana, Elgar cello concerto as a soloist and Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker suite to name a few.   In short, I am a perfectionist for true musical reproduction seeking to get the sound of a recital or concerthall performance through a pair headphones or speakers.   I predominantly listen to music through a pair of B&W 802ds amped up with Musical Fidelity Nu Vistas, however with the...
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Sound is incredible


Pros: Soundstage

Cons: High highs can be a little sharp

Here is the deal. I really don't care how they look. I don't care how they are built (they are headphones for god-sakes). I don't care if they smudge or whatever else. So you won't see me wasting your time reading about that stuff.    I will tell you that on their own, these headphones are good. That is until I made two very big improvements that made these lift off to the moon!   I started listening exclusively to MOG with is at 320 kbps but more importantly than that, it allows me to find really, really good recordings.    Secondly, I bought the bel canto 1.5 DAC/headphone amp. Sweet baby jesus, I could not believe what I was hearing. Frankly, I...
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They look pretty, but the sound quality leaves much to be desired


Pros: Easy to drive, lots of bass if you like that and very comfortable

Cons: Not very resolving for headphones at their price point.

For some years now I've been pondering a good transportable headphone rig, including a good pair of closed cans.  I tried the ED9s twice and was disappointed that I didn't feel they were any improvement over the Denon D5000s I had at the time, especially with the S-Logic making the sound more as if it were in my head than other headphones. With reports that the ED8s were more neutral, I decided to give them a go.   As much as I tried to like these headphones, all I got was bass overwhelming everything else and very average resolution regardless of whether I used an iPod or high-end gear. While the sound signature might be ok for pop or the like, it was hopeless for jazz...
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German quality at its best


Pros: Excellent bass, airy for being a closed variant, build quality, warranty

Cons: Soundstage not on par compared to open headphones

If you listen to dance/club/dubstep/etc you will love these headphones. The bass is fantastic and there is clarity and detail in all spectrums. Soundstage is good for being a closed variant. However, when listening to acoustic recordings, they sometimes seem rather boring/analytical if comparing with headphones with an open design.   The build quality is really top-notch. The manufacturer offers a free 5 year warranty extension.   Comfort is good and they look classy. No specific amp is required, just connect them directly to your mobile device. The isolation is a plus whenever needed.   I use these primarily when listening to studio...
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One of the Best Portable Headphone


Pros: Design,Sound,Isolation

Cons: Price,Ear Pad

This headphone has outstanding Design and Perfomance. Very balanced and natural sound one thing i have to talk about is its ear pad. this earpad is just attatched with double side tape............... I can't believe that they just used tape to hold them...and it is over $1000 headphone..... but it sounds the best out of my portable system.
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