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Ultrasone Edition 10 Reviews




Pros: Comfort, huge soundstage, beautiful

Cons: Some say they're too bright

Wow, By far my favorite headphone. Once you adapt to the s-logic your world will change. Vey difficult to listen to other headphones now. These are all character and style. Be careful though because they are very " in your face"

My New Studio Monitor - No Drama - Just The Source


Pros: Comfort Comfort Comfort

Cons: Price, of course!

This is my 3rd full day auditioning these phones and the longest session had been a four hour Apple Lossless loop of various styles. First, the unit arrived in near museum condition.  "Near" because of some extra adhesives on top of the butterfly pattern in the right side.  Everything else was polish and gleaming under redundant packaging.  Not unlike how the Sennheiser HD800 was presented.  Serial is 688, so this should have none of those pads issues people had been discussing.   Right off the bat, I connected the ED10 to my Grace M903 at level 60 and listened to Bach: Toccata & Fugue In D Minor, BWV 565 by Michael Murray at the First Congregational...
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Maechoet Duefez

Smooth lyricism


Pros: Bright sound texture, beautiful string sound, nice sound stage, very comfortable.

Cons: Not very impressive vocal, hard to control.

Hi, I am new to the community and this is the first time I write a review These are definitely not my first pair of headphones, I was struggling at first, but I found a website which sells it at a fairly good price, so I bought it. And by the time I am writing this review, I gave it around 40 hours of run-in time. (Don't really want to listen to fresh new headphones, they give a bad impression)   Back to the review. Source: Mac book air, itunes DAC: M2tech hiFace series (with clock and interface) AMP: SPL phonitor (thanks for my friend for lending me this amp) CDs: Esoteric remasters - ESSE90043 & ESSE90047 I tried the Brahms symphony first. The first impression...
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Assorted Observations on the Ultrasone Edition 10


Pros: Crystalline presentation

Cons: Stratospheric price

Right off the bat, I have to confess that I took the plunge on the Ultrasone Edition 10 with a bit of apprehension because of some less than enthusiastic comments from a few headphone connoisseurs. Thus my absolute surprise when some of these objectionable opinions felt off the mark by a wide margin. Instead, the Ed 10 offered a startlingly crystalline and delicate presentation, almost electrostatic-like, but with the punch of dynamics phones. It also managed to keep the precision of closed-back designs, but with the wider and deeper soundstage of an open-back. And we're talking about wide-open spaces here, an almost surround-like presentation in a very un-headphone manner. As an aside,...
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