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Ultimate Ears UE4000 First Impression Review

A Review On: Ultimate Ears UE4000 Headphones

Ultimate Ears UE4000 Headphones

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Pros: Excellent overall audio quality for it's price! Excellent comfort for a pair of on-ear canes

Cons: Artificial sounding upper mids & highs. Builds are mostly plastic.

Without any introduction, here I will start:

Comfort: I wear glasses & I have no problem wearing these! It does get warm after sometime. Clamping force are not too strong.

Isolation: Isolates plenty of outside noise.

Build quality: Mostly plastic.

Sound: HEH HEH! Best on-ear headphone I ever tried. Lows are punchy & well controlled. Better control than HD439 at the same price. Satisfy basshead but it is not as strong as UE6000. Mids are very detailed & smooth sounding. Never did I aspect such excellent details from it. Mids are it's strong point. Really good. Upper mids & highs are however it's downside. Specially for treble/vocals fans as it sound artifical but that's the one and only weak point in sound. Details are excellent. Soundstage are good for a closed pair of on-ear headphones. smily_headphones1.gif

I would say, these are one of the best on-ear headphone. It is great for Electronics music or any songs without vocals as I find it somewhat annoying on these. Just my 2cents smily_headphones1.gif

FYI, I dislike too much bass(IMO, I find HD518 has too much), smooth & detailed mids & clear highs. Great soundstage & details type of headphones. Just so you know what I mean by "detailed" "smooth" etc in this review smily_headphones1.gif


I tested these with about 15 others at Best Buy and they were the best sounding out of every headphone there, including some Sony's, Sennheiser, Beats, Bose, Skullcandy, etc. Some of those headphones were $300, and these UE4000 are only $99 and sound significantly better.
I agree with Tritsan944. The details on the mids really earning him some point!
The treble is that bad? I meant vocals, yeah
How are the mids, highs, and soundstage compared to the HD439?
anyone compared them to s500s?
The Treble just sound rather artificial to me.
As for HD439 vs UE4000:
HD439 is a full-size circumference while UE4k is a full-size supra.
HD439 bass are less controlled while
HD439 mids are warm while UE4K sound smooth and highly detailed xD
HD439 highs is a bit dark while UE4K's sound artificial as in "fake"
Sorry didn't get to try those S500 but the SL300 is bad in my opinion!
Billson :)
HD439 soundstage are wider but UE4K offers better clarity and detail :)
one of the best bargains now for a superb on-ear...price came down?!
just tested it out when i was in town. Punchy bass, nothing weak /loose sounding.
Vocals well presented, quite spacious..i wont use the word congested on this portable :P
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