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Ultimate Ears UE4000 Headphones


Pros: sleek, cheap, awesome cable, clear sound

Cons: uncomfortable cup pads and headband, flimsy adjustment track, lack of detail, very fatiguing

i've had these for a while and use them pretty much exclusively when commuting. i'll occasionally have them on while working if i forget my better headphones but they get painful fast so it never lasts long. if it's not the rock-hard headband digging into my skull, it's usually the stiff pads pinching my ears, and if all else fails the exaggerated highs will give me a migraine. their only redeeming quality is the detachable cable. it's shielding is silicon or something and keeps it from bending too much or tangling. its inline controls are also really comfortable and tactile.

on the whole i'd avoid them but if they're a gift definitely keep them, they can perform just fine in isolated scenarios.


Pros: Good isolation, solid build, portable form factor, great for outdoor use, bunch of accessories, detachable cable

Cons: Overwhelming bass, lacks detail and clarity, pouch feels thin, can be uncomfortable after a while

These days, for $40, there's just not too many good choices out there.


I feel the UE4000 should be a role-model for all the companies wanting to win this market.


First of all, this headphone has an amazing set of features for $40 which includes a detachable cable (super rare), not fully plastic (metal sliders, good foam for the headband), a carrying pouch, a high-quality splitter! With all of the features, I instantly see Logitech won over the crowd. 


However, one of the draw back to this headphone is that it is NOT MEANT FOR AUDIOPHILES. This headphone has overwhelming bass which seems to be essential these days in the under-$100 category of headphones and furthermore, it does lack some detail, clarity and soundstage. Therefore, for indoor use, I found the sound quality to be rather muddy.


Interestingly, these problems are solved when you go outdoor where detail, clarity and soundstage is not essential. Furthermore, thanks to the overwhelming bass, what was once muddy, has turned into a huge powerful sounding headphone in noisy environments that is very energetic and fun sounding. If this was not enough, a combination of a portable form factor, good isolation, slim profile headband and the fact that it is lightweight makes the UE4000 ideal for outdoor use. I should make a note here that, the isolation is good enough for most shopping malls and libraries, but they will not drown out lower frequencies such as engine noise.


Lastly, I should note that these are not the most comfortable headphone, due to the nature of an on-ear design headphone.


For a more detailed review, please see my video review located here:



Pros: Great build quality, comfortable design, 3.5mm detachable cable

Cons: Congested sound quality, doesn't fold up, earpads not replaceable

Along with the summary below, I have posted a Youtube video review of the UE4000. If you like the video, check out my channel for more reviews :)







The UE4000, like all the new Logitech UE headphones, has some really nice build quality for the price. Solid feeling headband with metal parts, supple synthetic leather earpads. The detachable cable with iPhone remote is a great touch because it terminates in a 3.5mm jack and can be replaced with any off-the-shelf cable. The earcups pivot in all directions which makes getting a good fit easy. Unfortunately the ear pads are not replaceable and the UE 4000 does not fold up into a more compact shape.




The UE 4000 has a bassy, rich sound, but they have quite rolled off highs. They don't completely lack energy in vocals but overall the sound is quite congested and separation / layering really suffers. This kind of signature is good for a noisy commute (you don't have to turn up the volume as high to get a decent sound) but is just not a great balance otherwise. The UE 4000 is less balanced than the UE 6000 (which I liked).




These would make a good headphone for people on frequent noisy commutes, or a nice little package for someone for whom sound quality is not the top priority. They aren't terrible sounding, but the congested signature really isn't my thing.


Pros: Excellent overall audio quality for it's price! Excellent comfort for a pair of on-ear canes

Cons: Artificial sounding upper mids & highs. Builds are mostly plastic.

Without any introduction, here I will start:

Comfort: I wear glasses & I have no problem wearing these! It does get warm after sometime. Clamping force are not too strong.

Isolation: Isolates plenty of outside noise.

Build quality: Mostly plastic.

Sound: HEH HEH! Best on-ear headphone I ever tried. Lows are punchy & well controlled. Better control than HD439 at the same price. Satisfy basshead but it is not as strong as UE6000. Mids are very detailed & smooth sounding. Never did I aspect such excellent details from it. Mids are it's strong point. Really good. Upper mids & highs are however it's downside. Specially for treble/vocals fans as it sound artifical but that's the one and only weak point in sound. Details are excellent. Soundstage are good for a closed pair of on-ear headphones. smily_headphones1.gif

I would say, these are one of the best on-ear headphone. It is great for Electronics music or any songs without vocals as I find it somewhat annoying on these. Just my 2cents smily_headphones1.gif

FYI, I dislike too much bass(IMO, I find HD518 has too much), smooth & detailed mids & clear highs. Great soundstage & details type of headphones. Just so you know what I mean by "detailed" "smooth" etc in this review smily_headphones1.gif
Ultimate Ears UE4000 Headphones

ALL THE RIGHT NOTES. From the deep, satisfying lows, through the crisp, clear highs, the powerful, high-sensitivity drivers in the Logitech UE 4000s make your music come alive with depth, authenticity and emotion. And the detachable cable is designed to reduce tangling and friction. CONTROL IT. SHARE IT. The mic and on-cord controls let you answer calls with just one touch, change tracks and adjust volume—all without touching your iPhone® or iPod®. And since sometimes the music is too good to keep to yourself, we’ve included a shareable splitter among the accessories that come with your Logitech UE 4000s. COOL AND COMFORTABLE. Plush, memory foam cushions, breathable, soft-as-leather surfaces, and a compact, on-ear design. The Logitech UE 4000s are made to feel great and go where you go because you’ve got the perfect playlist for every place and every occasion. And since they’re built with top-quality materials, these will be your favorite headphones for a long time to come. UE SOUND SIGNATURE We are committed to ensuring exceptional sound in all our products – every layer, every nuance, every detail. This commitment drives us to constantly innovate using the latest audio technology to hone our unmistakable UE sound signature. This sound signature provides pure, undiluted audio that’s rich, clear and perfectly tuned every time. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS HEADPHONE TYPE:On-ear DRIVER DIAMETER:40mm IMPEDANCE:32 ohms, 1 kHz SENSITIVITY:105 dB SPL/mW, 1 kHz FREQUENCY RESPONSE:20 Hz - 20 kHz CONNECTION:3.5 mm (1/8 inch) NOISE ISOLATION:7 dB BATTERY TYPE:2 AAA batteries included BATTERY LIFE:over 40 hours of listening on average* * Actual battery life will vary with use, settings and environmental conditions

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