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Ultimate Ears Triple.fi 10 Pro Earphones Gun Metal Blue with Roadie Case Reviews


Best headphones for the money

So far they're great...with the Comply tips they isolate very well and are very comfortable as well.  The detail is amazing, and the soundstage is about the best you can expect from a universal IEM.  Separation, as expected with a 3 way crossover high-mid-low setup, is great.  Can't recommend these enough, and at the prices these are going for now you'd have to be crazy not to buy them.

the good and the bad of Ultimate Ears Triple.fi 10


Pros: looks great, great treble and bass, removable cable, wide stage

Cons: weak mid (foggy), few people can wear this

after listening to TF10 for 2hours i decided to write a review of it 1. there's only few people WHO can wear this earphone for me i can't it'd fell off when i put it in my ear 2. the mid isn't that good since there's no mid driver (JH5 doesn't have mid either but the mid isn't as bad as the TF2) but the stage - when you listen to orchestra songs the TF10 can separate the instrument very well comparing to other universal IEMs     i would recommend this to people who listen to: •jazz •orchestra

TF10's: Hit or Miss? I think it's a home run.


Pros: Fit, Better cable, Replaceable cable, Balanced, Slightly Fun

Cons: Frail looking pins, price fluctuations

9.2.12 (or 2/9/12 for US)   I received a very small USPS package with my supposedly "new in open box" TF10's. The box, actually, was still sealed, and was from the Amazon Black Friday sale. For a brand new TF10, it's a pretty good price considering it's much after Black Friday. Anyways, some pictures of the box and what was inside...And what it looks like now. And no, dual flange does not mean massive ear aches.     Sound-wise: Out of the box, they felt slightly V-shaped in FR. Vocals weren't as emphasized as I liked, and there was a bit of bass emphasis. On my HP TouchPad, the sound felt slightly hollow and very distant, although still enjoyable. The...
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Sound great but fragile!


Pros: Sound fantastic

Cons: durability

Fit was an issue, these are HUGE!  Not for small ears, and getting good seal is important to get the best out of them.  Walking would break the seal with every step, even with foam tips.  You really have to push them in to get them to stick, and even then they'd work their way out.   The cable also has a bendable bit embedded in them to make a U for wearing them over the ears.  It was a nice feature but made putting them in your pocket difficult and the cable got tangled very easily.     Also, the bass driver in one of the earbuds died after one week.  I felt overall the durability of the design was suspect and prone to failure.  They...
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Good for what I paid, not for MSRP


Pros: Great sound, very balanced and objective

Cons: Uncomfortable and just-ok isolation compared with others

Before buying these, I had the Etymotic ER6s and now I have the Klipsch Image S3s.  I'll be comparing the Triple Fis to these.   The TripleFis have an incredibly balanced sound and exceptional bass output that doesn't sound fake or pumped-up.  They might be a tad on the bassy side, but coming from someone who listens to a very wide range of music, from Classical to Folk to Metal to Electronica, it wasn't overkill; any genre of music sounds good on these buds.  The TripleFis are loud too; you'll be playing your iPod at 75% volume, at the most.  The Etymotics, on the other hand, were weak in the low end and had trouble getting loud (although they never...
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Best $100 purchase I ever made


Pros: sound, isolation, fit and finish

Cons: goofy looking, doesn't stay in ears during vigorous activity

got these during one of the Amazon gold box specials.  Wow.  My new everyday phones.

Solid Performers, Not Everyone's Taste, My First Nirvana


Pros: detailed, solid bass, good synergy with some players, good build

Cons: fit is a problem for many, not great for all types of music

I jumped on these when Amazon had them on sale.  I had only been on Head-Fi for a month and was looking around to expand my listening horizons. I've had them for nearly a month, but hadn't reviewed them because I wanted to get past the new toy period and listen to them over an extended bit of time and with lots of different material.   Fit was an issue initially. They're huge and I have smallish flush ears. There was a lot of rubbing on the right pinna until I did the flip thing and put on Comply TX-500 tips.  The best fit has come with medium Sony hybrids.   But even before I got the fit right, I was in love. I have the RE0 and Etymotic ER6 and ER-4P. All of...
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Ultimate Experience


Pros: Guitar strings, Heart-wrenching highs, Great Bass extension, Detail

Cons: Comfort, Dependent on ear-canal size, Price if purchased new

Absolute steal at this price. Should have given a review on these a long time ago but unnecessary because for one simple fact. You either get a good fit on these and experience pure nirvana or dislike it for any possible conceived ideas. It's quite inaccurate to listen to people's opinions as well. Some people clearly state that the IE8 is much better than the Tf-10 but the Se530 is inferior. Others state the Tf-10 is worse than the ck-10s. There are even people that claim the tf-10 lack bass and the highs are sibilant. This all depends on many confounding factors. But regardless to say, imo, I couldn't be happier with these.
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