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A Review On: Ultimate Ears 10 Pro Earphones Gun Metal Blue with Roadie Case

Ultimate Ears 10 Pro Earphones Gun Metal Blue with Roadie Case

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Pros: Sound Quality, Great for a Basshead & Treblehead, Great For Price That You Can Get Them For

Cons: Recessed Midrange, **DODGY CABLE**

I traded my beloved IE8s for these just less than a week ago. All of this is tested on my HDP-R10, Samsung Galaxy S3 and my Sansa Clip+. 
Everything said in this review is how I hear and I am in no way affiliated with UE or against them. 

Design and Comfort:
I actually really like how these look. Personally, I think that the "Gunmetal Blue" looks very cool. It comes with detachable and easily replaceable cables, which is good because I have never ever come across a worse cable. It is very still and coming from the nice and soft cable of the Sennheiser IE8, the cable and memory wire was definitely a pain to gt used to, but I have already bought a "Dark Lord" cable from a Head-Fier and I'm waiting for it to get here. I also have to say that I have fairly small ears and after an hour or so of wear, they become pretty uncomfortable, which I think has something to do with how the housing of the IEMs are positioned.  If your budget permits, I would recommend you to look into reshelling them into a custom. It comes with a very nice case which UE claims is crushproof. It certainly feels the part, but I have no intentions of smashing a brick on them to test it out. 

I don't see myself as a basshead and have to really EQ to get the sound that I want on the TF-10s. To me, the bass without any EQ sounds a tiny bit bloated and hits too hard. However, quality of and detail in the bass is very good. I think that some details are hidden by the bass. I love the low bass rumble in many of my songs. Many people will probably ask what the differences between the Sennheiser IE8 and these are. I will do a comparison of the TF-10 to the IE8 in every section. 
IE8 vs TF-10 Bass:
I sort of agree to ProjectDenz on this. The IE8's bass is very hard hitting and is bloated to me. It reverbs a bit more than the TF-10. This can be both a good and bad thing. The TF-10 has better quality bass and slightly less bass overall.

Whether one is better than the other simply comes down to personal preferences. For me the TF10 sounded better in the bass department with Trance music and the IE8 sounded a lot better with Hip-Hop style music." 

This is what ProjectDenz wrote and I agree with it. 

IMO, this is the TF-10's weak point. Some may say that the mids are not recessed. I however, believe that they are. Upon the first listen, I could immediately tell that the midrange was recessed and sounded quite distant. If you have something like a Westone, switching to a TF-10 will take a lot of getting used to. However, EQing fixes this easily and makes it very enjoyable again. 
IE8 vs TF-10 Midrange
Both of those IEMs have a recessed midrange and I would say that without EQ, IE8 wins by a tiny margin, but with EQ, TF-10 can be better

Perhaps the strongest part of these is the treble. It is hard to describe, but at the top end, there is a sparkle to it. It extends very high and there is no sibilance whatsoever. Occasionally, these do cause listening fatigue. Some say that BA IEMs don't burn in, but I could have sworn that the treble because less harsh after I got around 100 hours on them. 
IE8 vs TF-10 Treble:
At times, I found the IE8's treble to be a little veiled and the TF-10's treble to be excessive. However, I feel that there is more detail in the treble of TF-10. The Ultimate Ears Triple.Fi 10 win here.

Soundstage is good, but nothing special and truly cannot compete against the IE8. The IE8 wins by quite a large margin here. However, I think that instrument placement is around the same for those two. Maybe, the TF-10 is a tad bit better. 


There is much more detail in the TF-10 and you can hear things that weren't very clear or in some extreme cases, unnoticeable on the IE8. The TF-10 wins by quite a bit here.


These IEMs are truly impressive an to me, a good upgrade to my IE8s. I would say that if you found them for under $150, grab it immediately. The sound signature is on the warm side and V shaped. I wouldn't recommend these if you love in your face midrange, but otherwise, these are an extremey good pair of IEMs. However, I believe that they have recently been discontinued. Their successor, the UE900 is supposedly better and more neutral. I look forward to trying one of them out. However, the main gripe that I have with them is that they have too much sparkle at times and it easily causes listening fatigue.
I would recommend that you use an amp with them, as without an amp, they hiss quite a bit and can get very annoying. 


Edit: Dropped a star because after listening to them after hearing similarly priced IEM, they really aren't that impressive. 


I got mine in the UK for £150. Very very good buy. A big step up from my Shure E2. Sadly dont stay put as easily as the Shures. I find the black rubber tips Shure sell work well on the TF10s, slightly better fit for my ears than the UE supplied ones.
Some people get custom tips or get them shelled to a custom, but I think that that's overkill for a $200 IEM.