Great headphones...if you can get them to fit

A Review On: Ultimate Ears 10 Pro Earphones Gun Metal Blue with Roadie Case

Ultimate Ears 10 Pro Earphones Gun Metal Blue with Roadie Case

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Pros: powerful well articulated bass, crystal clear high, seperation

Cons: SIZE/COMFORT, recessed mids, highs can be a bit too much

...everyone's said all that needs to be said about these iems.


One of the best values around imo...if you can get them in your ears.  Once in, they sound great but do have their downsides.  The high and lows are fantasic, both in quantity and quality.  The mids have good quality, from what I can hear of them...quantity is not there though.


Luckily, I been able to find a reasonable seal with some aftermarket tips...barely.  However, they are uncomfortable after more then a couple hours and when they go in/out. Worth the trouble for the acoustics but disappointing that ue would allow problem that is so easily remedied get in the way of what is otherwise a great product.


If you got the money, go for reshell, that costs a lot of money though.
Try getting after-market cables? some of them provide more comfort
Parall3l - I have been looking into a reshell from Fisher hearing...reading alot of reviews an so forth. I think I will eventually go for this but really want a solid set of backups before I send them out. It sounds like it can take some time with potential refit/reshells based on other user comments/reviews. I have been looking into some earsonics sm3 or westone 4s as another backup/complimentary pair. I also want a new DAC so we'll see.
Do you have/had triplefi's with a reshell?
Leynar - Funny you mention it. I just ordered some Westone replacement cables. However, the cables have never really been my issue regarding fit/comfort. My stock ue cables work just fine but I imagine they will eventually go and I wanted to give the westone's a try.
Do you have any aftermarket cables for triplefi that you can comment on (null, westone, etc). I am a bit concerned about reeming the connectors on the triplefis with the westone cables as ive heard the pin diameter is larger. Ive heard the connectors are a bit longer as well but i can solve that with a file.
I've never owned any custom shelled iems, I'm currently saving up for the 1964 Q. I hear that all customs are extremely comfortable. Theres also options for adding more drivers to your TF10 I hear.