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A Review On: Ultimate Ears 10 Pro Earphones Gun Metal Blue with Roadie Case

Ultimate Ears 10 Pro Earphones Gun Metal Blue with Roadie Case

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Pros: Great sound, very balanced and objective

Cons: Uncomfortable and just-ok isolation compared with others

Before buying these, I had the Etymotic ER6s and now I have the Klipsch Image S3s.  I'll be comparing the Triple Fis to these.


The TripleFis have an incredibly balanced sound and exceptional bass output that doesn't sound fake or pumped-up.  They might be a tad on the bassy side, but coming from someone who listens to a very wide range of music, from Classical to Folk to Metal to Electronica, it wasn't overkill; any genre of music sounds good on these buds.  The TripleFis are loud too; you'll be playing your iPod at 75% volume, at the most.  The Etymotics, on the other hand, were weak in the low end and had trouble getting loud (although they never distorted).  The Klipschs, though the cheapest of the three, are tinny and fake sounding in comparison.


The only possible complaint about the sound I can make is that it lacks "character".  I'm not one for subjective qualifiers, but what I mean is that the sound is perhaps too objective, too clinical.  This almost certainly a result of the Triple Fi's very flat frequency response curve.  In the end, this is a great problem to have; I'm essentially accusing the Triple Fis of being too accurate.  Still, my Etymotics, despite their low bass output, seemed to have a little more "soul", whatever that means.  


In summary, the TripleFis sound more like a pair of studio monitors than stereo speakers; they can handle anything you give them without distorting or straining, they're loud, they're neutral, and they sound accurate.  These would be a great set of buds to make music with, as well as listen to music on.  However just like with speakers, sometimes you want a little inaccuracy, a little spunk; some of the best home stereo speakers are as good as they are because they're NOT hyper accurate like monitors.  Overall, though these are excellent sounding headphones.


So yeah, the sound is great, but what would you expect for $300?  My real complaints are with the comfort and the seal.  I'm a man of average height and weight, but these buds were way too big to comfortably sit deep in my ear.  I had to jam them in while yanking my ear up, and even then they felt like they should go in deeper.  And before you think it: yes, I was putting them in correctly.  These are just biguns.  As a result, they would ALWAYS come loose when I ran (although never when I walked around) and the noise isolation was just decent.  Furthermore, they hurt my ears after an hour or so.  Both the Etymotics and the Klipschs, in comparison, are more comfortable, stay in no matter what, and get much better isolation.  I had these for a year and a half before I lost them and bought the Klipschs, and even though the Klipschs definitely sound worse, they are so much more comfortable, practical, and effective at noise isolation that I might already like them better for day-to-day use.  On a more positive note, I never had reliability problems with the Triple Fis in that time, despite shoving them in my pocket every day and wrapping them around my iPhone; I thought they were built to last.


The final thing to keep in mind is that I only paid $70 for these (one day deal on Amazon).  For that price, they were damn worth it, but I would absolutely not pay more than $120 for these.  Despite their great sound, the Triple Fis have lackluster isolation and are flat-out uncomfortable.  If you see them on sale pick them up, but I say otherwise look elsewhere.




(A side note: I had the headset model with built-in mic and remote.  I haven't had other headsets to compare it to, but I'll say that the mic was not that useable for phone calls; people could never really hear me if I was outside around mild traffic.  The remote was more useful than I thought it would be, however.)




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