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the crossing line

A Review On: Ultimate Ears Triple.fi 10 Pro Earphones Gun Metal Blue with Roadie Case

Ultimate Ears Triple.fi 10 Pro Earphones Gun Metal Blue with Roadie Case

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Pros: Black Friday price, premium quality

Cons: comfort, line tangle, accessories

Well, I got this on Black Friday 2010 for below $100, what can I say, this thing is worth beyond every dollar I spent for me thanks to dramatic drop of the price. This guy is currently tagged at $250 price range.


So, here is what I wanna say: this headphone is probably too good for me

All I have is a Sony extender which connects my Triple Fi 10 to my Asus Xonar DX

as far as I listen, I can often hear the background gitter due to electric interference from the sound card.

I did exactly what a HTPC does not want to do: Beefy Power Supply, Tower Heatsink, Multiple fans and Hard-Drives, GTX 460 Hawk (2 fans), and therefore I often suffer from the Ttzzz sound from this headphone


Well, that shows how good this guy is.

The vocal and instruments stretch out far and clear. Unlike other headphones, I feel the sounds come from a big line. It is as if I am listening to live play


Here are the following songs I use to test:

Guns N Rose Lies (the whole album)

Guns N Rose Greatest  Hits (again the whole album)

Macross F OST (the whole freaking thing)

Gumdam 00 OST (season 1+2 OP and ED)

Jam Project Skill, Olympia (sadly, this is the only non-loseless and was in 320K MP3)


The vocal is not as joyful when it comes to Macross compare to Audio Technica, which is nothing but female vocal and some simple instrument. Yet the instrument part, such as Guns N Rose, it is the perfect synergy. Drums are crystal clear. Which is a really big thing for me. Guitar and Bass all mingle together. Even if the Vocal overlaps with either Guitar or Bass, they do not cover each other. Instead, all sounds hits the ear the same time. No wonder people say this thing can fight against IE 8.

In terms of music I listen to and the price I get, IE 8 sounds like a dumb deal.


Yet this headphone is not all that great:

1. this guy is tagged at $250 range, yet unlike IE 8, it only comes with few earbuds.

2. the ability to be able to swap the line is good for me, since that is one of the reason this guy attract me in the first place. Yet for those that use headphones without any thoughts about modding them, swappable line means the lines die faster

3. it is expected that the lines will not tied up or curl together, yet it is exactly what Triple Fi 10 did

4. I gave it to many people to listen, yet most people have problem keeping this thing on their ears on the first few tried. I personally have no problem. After a few tried I find some angles which fits me nicely.

5. there are other minor points, yet it only bothers me, and they are rather minor compare to the first four, therefore I will not list them out



This really is the crossroad for me. Before this headphone, voices are never this clear and mix together for me. That is why I call Triple Fi 10 the crossing line. At this level and beyond, it is highly recommended to get DAC/Amplifier. I can bare with the static noise, since I plan to purchase a DAC already. However, it does not mean the static from my horrible setup does not influence my musics. In fact I am suffering from those backgorund noise quite heavily. Yet for the price I get, I can afford to purchase a DAC to fix it.


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