How much I wanted to love these...

A Review On: Ultimate Ears 10 Pro Earphones Gun Metal Blue with Roadie Case

Ultimate Ears 10 Pro Earphones Gun Metal Blue with Roadie Case

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How much I wanted to like these... I just can't. Coming from the analytical and clean sound from the RE-Zeros, I wanted to give a critical listen, but despite the fit and isolation being very good(as opposed to many others), I couldn't like the sound and had to put it down.


One of my friends is a TF10 fan, so I wanted to trust him and listen to these for a prolonged period to at least get used to the sound signature, but I just couldn't. Bass is all muddy and bloated, treble is aggressive, vocals are far away and I can't hear them(but with ear piercing sibilance), and on top of that imaging is not what I should be hearing from a $500 gear(yes, it is $500 here).


However, I do have to mention that the wide soundstage was impressive, and it was very comfortable when wearing on my ears(can't understand the fit issues from others). These lack major fault, but the overall sound signature and the imaging is not worth $500. I would say about $150, it is a reasonable price, but I still wouldn't buy it. $200? still a little too expensive, IMO.


Maybe my ears are so adjusted to the RE-Zeros, but even when I heard these before I bought the RE-Zeros, I remember having a similar impression, so I find these not my cup of tea.


Sorry UE, it seems many like these, but even at amazon price, I won't buy one(or maybe one for a gift to my future GF). at $99 RE-Zero which I decided to keep is better, IMHO. 





Edit : listening to it again I think I gave them too harsh remarks. Still the fact that the vocals are a step back is a big 'miss' for me.


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