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A Review On: Ultimate Ears SuperFi 5vi Noise Isolating Earphones w/ Microphone

Ultimate Ears SuperFi 5vi Noise Isolating Earphones w/ Microphone

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Pros: Very light,good sound,comfort,packaging is great!

Cons: Cable is thin.

This review is for the Ultimate Ears 600vi which is the same as the superfi5 just slightly different design  . If you wear these with the cable going around your ears you will forget you even have them on they are that comfy ! they also come 5 sized tips (xxs,xs,x,m,l,xl) and also 2 sets of comply foam tips which are amazing, could wear them all day!packaging is top notch no annoying insanely hard to open plastic ,just a very classy package all and all !


Sound is good best iv heard from a IEM so far ! comparable to my bose ae2 but not quite as good! For what i use these for I'm not urging at all for better sound these get the job done well!the in line mic works well with my iPod touch and macbook air but with my android phone only the play/pause button works and on a double click it calls the last dialed number . But their may be a way around this.for 100though i would like support for android devices as well .


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