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A Review On: Ultimate Ears 5 Pro Earphones (White)

Ultimate Ears 5 Pro Earphones (White)

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Pros: detachable cables

Cons: everything else

Major caveat: I have small ear canals, and I appreciate strong mids. These phones are not for anyone with my preferences.


They are huge, they don't go very far in my ears, and I found getting a good seal all but impossible. Isolation was appalling; the cable was stiff and heavy; the mids recessed to the point where I felt I could only hear bass and cymbals.


I know lots of people who love and swear by these, but they didn't work for me at all. I sold them on ebay after only five weeks or so. I think they are currently a bit overpriced, and to be sure there are much better phones - even if you don't have my preferences - out there for the price.


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