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Ultimate Ears Super.fi 5 Pro Earphones (Clear)

100% Positive Reviews
Rated #516 in Universal Fit


Pros: Accessories, Durability, Fun, Bass, Detail

Cons: Maybe Sibilance, Comfort/fit, muddy mids

These were my first IEMs, so obviously at first I thought that these were the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. But after awhile...


Bass is clear and punchy. Highs are pretty clear but high mids can get a bit muddy IMO. I'll be honest, it takes a lot of work to get these to fit, and once you do, they are really uncomfortable, at least for me.

Ultimate Ears Super.fi 5 Pro Earphones (Clear)

Ultimate Ears 5 Pro's are now available in Clear! For the last ten years, Ultimate Ears has been designing custom ear monitor products for your favorite professional musicians for use on stage and in the studio. Musicians put their hearts, their souls, their breakups, their memories and their passions into every song and they count on Ultimate Ears products to get the most of out of their music. Our super.fi products were developed so that you too can hear music the way it was meant to be heard. If professional studio quality sound is what you are after and only the best earphones will do, then you need the super.fi 5 Pro dual speaker professional quality earphones. The super.fi 5 Pro earphones offer the most accurate experience when listening to any style of music. The super.fi 5 Pro has the best quality in-ear, acoustic technology available making this our premiere dual speaker professional earphone product. These earphones also incorporate all the best features that super.fi products have to offer including pro-style ear loops that secure your earphones in place and a universal fit kit with 6 single flange silicone(2 small, 2 medium, 2 large), 2 dual flange silicone and 2 standard foam ear tips that maximize your comfort and increase noise isolation from the sounds around you. The super.fi 5 EB's come with a 46" cable, cable adjuster, and gold plated 1/8" input plug and ship with a metallic protective travel case, sound level attenuator, cleaning tool,1/4" adaptor jack, user guide and a 2 year warranty. Now your head is a concert hall. But don't take our word for it-hear the difference!

FeatureIncludes Universal Fit Kit and a protective metallic travel case to store earphones
Weight1.1 pounds
LabelUltimate Ears
List Price$249.99
ManufacturerUltimate Ears
Material TypePlastic
Material Type Set ElementPlastic
Model5 Pro Clear
MPN5 Pro Clear
Package Quantity1
Product GroupCE
Product Type NameHEADPHONES
PublisherUltimate Ears
StudioUltimate Ears
TitleUltimate Ears Super.fi 5 Pro Earphones (Clear)
Batteries Included0
Is Fragile0
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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