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Best (overall) out of all I've heard. Really.

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Ultimate Ears In-Ear Reference Monitors

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Pros: Unbeatable sound stage and clarity

Cons: for $1000? None.

Alright everyone. I feel like the UERM's deserve some cred. I never write reviews on my phones, and I know not enough people read this section, but someone has to defend these.


I've owned and listened to many of the top tier Custom's and Universal IEMS.







Earsonics SM3

Shure SE535

Sennheiser IE8 | IE80

CK 100

CK 10








UM Miracles

Everything under UE

UE 900

AKG k3003i



okay too many. Not even going to write it all down. But the point is, I've heard a lot. If you want neutral sound with great detail and clarity, with hands down the best sound stage out of any IEM I have ever heard (by a mile) UERM's are the way to go. 3 drivers I know. But you don't need 8 to make something amazing. One thing I have noticed was that something with more drivers do tend to perform better with better amp, etc. The UERMs are my go to. I plug straight into my iphone 5 and go. This was the earphone that made me sell everything else. (except for the SM3's and a few other uiem's I keep around for backup).


If you happen to run into UE at a meet or a tradeshow, they'll have some promotions you can capitalize on. Either way, go get them if you are serious about listening. I have bigger cans and other phones I always listen to, but I know I'll never net these go. They are just that good. Even the folks I had bought the JH 16 from, or the ES5 from, also said they kept their UERM's and are selling the rest.


I didn't believe them at first. It's exactly what I did a year later when I got my UERM's done by UE. Yes sometimes I wish I had a little more bass. Yes, sometimes I wish there was a bit more detail in the bass (stuff that JH 16 really excelled at) but still, the balance in performance here is great. Does wonders in just about every category of music.


Keep in mind that at this stage, it's all about preference and the specific sound track you are listening to. The other phones aren inferior or anything, it's just for me, the UERM's mold themselves better to what I listen to. The soundstage however, is clearly better. No Debate there.





my only concern is what happens if you stuff up with the design of sound?
@pformagg What do you mean design of sound? This is the UERM, not the PRM, and is not user tunable.
Good review! I totally agree with all of your opinions. Such great ciems.
@kimvictor, my bad, totally thought it was the PRM's. Nice review btw.
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