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Ultimate Ears In-Ear Reference Monitors Reviews


Why not the UERM?


Pros: Great SQ, Sound stage, Case, Customer Service, Refit, Driveablitiy... more

Cons: Some air bubbles in ciem

I wonder why UERM is often disregarded when picking from $1000 range. I'm guessing that it's due to "only" having 3 drivers, versus having 8 drivers per side. I can say with confidence that driver number does not equal sound quality(for the most part). Another reason I see why UERM might not be picked is its sound sig. It's perfectly flat. Personally, I love this. Reference sound with naturalness. Call it "the Neutrality King".      About myself: http://www.head-fi.org/t/674373/story-of-a-new-reviewer-kimvictor   Gears used in this review: Leckerton UHA-6S.MKII, AK100, Modi, Magni, E7, GS3, Clip Zip.   Intro: UERM is a ciem that is heavily dependent on...
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Not for "reference monitoring" !


Pros: Everything but the bass

Cons: You can't hear a thing below 70hz ....

Received the UE RM 3 days ago, the quality is good, the customers service was perfect and it's an overall good product. The audio is really precise, the ear 'fit' is great (you're always scared that it won't be super confortable since it's custom for you ears), and everything is nice except ... There are absolutely no sub frequencies ! For so called "reference monitors" I was expecting a real correct 20hz - 20khz frequency range, but you can say good bye to the bass ! I guess it's not a big issue for rock lovers but if you want to listen to any other music genre (electronic, hip hop, pop, etc.) you won't have any low end ! So you can forget the mix aspect ... Had to test with my...
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Phenomenal detail. Great overall sound.


Pros: Mid range and great soundstage for an in-ear.

Cons: Customs take some getting used to. Bass suffers a little.

I've recently amended this review, based on my education into the world of Head-Fi.   I've been toying around with getting a set of in-ear customs for a long time.  I caught the write-ups in my audio rags about UE's new product and jumped all over them.   I'm a video editor, but I also do a lot of music and mixing, writing, directing, and anything else that has to do with entertainment production.  It's like UE decided to custom build a pair of in-ear headphones just for me.  Thanks guys, much appreciated.   My super-secret hope?  They'd make for pretty good listening, too.    I don't have any experience with IE custom...
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Just wonderful


Pros: Listen to the music, not the IEMs

Cons: Case is not pocketable

My 1st Customs.  I've owned, Coppers, Golds, Shure 530s, IE8s (2 sets), among others stuff.  All of the universals I've owned were a hobby.  I would play with tips, I would mess with the EQ, I would listen to different IEMs based on the music.   Not bass heavy, but also not bass light.  It makes whatever bass is on the recording.   Now that I own these, I don't use anything else.  I never even think about them.  The music is just pure joy.  I can't recommend these more highly.  They are one of the best purchases I have ever made.  Oddly enough, I think at $1000, they are a better value than my universals at $300.   ...
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**Revised Update** Fantastic effortless neutral sound from UE


Pros: Balanced sound from top to bottom, never stressed or pressurized sounding. Effortless sound, realistic imaging, adapts into different genres.

Cons: None that I can think of.

Ok so I realize the UE IERM's are kinda old news now, but I ordered a pair a few weeks ago and just got them today.  All I can say so far is, the sound is exactly what I want from an IEM.     I have been a bit of a bass head in the past, and oddly enough still think of myself as one, but apparently that's not the case anymore, because these sound just perfect to my ears.  The treble is nicely extended, yet seemingly neutral.  I have noticed that the treble can sound just a tad and by "tad" I mean <5% harsh sometimes but I am very confident this is due to the recording and not a fault of the earphones by any means.     Mids are nice, present, not...
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Glad I stayed in the family


Pros: Simply stellar sweet sound

Cons: Hyper revealing to bad sources / tracks

Given the date of the OP's review, seems I'm a couple years late to the UERM party.  Well, let's keep it going then.     My new ears have arrived, and they sound glorious.   A few months back I made the happy mistake (happy to ears, misery to wallet) of researching a replacement for my UE10s.  Back in the day, when I got 'em, I chose the 10's over the 11's specifically due to the former's neutrality.     The UE11 to me, was excessively forward and boomy, and I figured they'd be fatiguing in long listening sessions.  I demo'd both models at the LA Airport CanJam, ordered on site, and have loved the UE10 ever since.   Technology has taken...
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Best (overall) out of all I've heard. Really.


Pros: Unbeatable sound stage and clarity

Cons: for $1000? None.

Alright everyone. I feel like the UERM's deserve some cred. I never write reviews on my phones, and I know not enough people read this section, but someone has to defend these.   I've owned and listened to many of the top tier Custom's and Universal IEMS.   Owned UE18Pro JH16Pro JH13Pro ES5 Earsonics SM3 Shure SE535 Sennheiser IE8 | IE80 CK 100 CK 10 UM3X W3 W4 W4r UM3xr   Heard UM Miracles Everything under UE UE 900 AKG k3003i     okay too many. Not even going to write it all down. But the point is, I've heard a lot. If you want neutral sound with great detail and clarity, with hands down the best sound...
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it makes the singers sing next to your ears


Pros: Great sound, ambient noise isolation, comfort and cool looking

Cons: are you kidding? wait... hm.... $$$$

this is my first set of customs, so I can't compare it to other customs. but comparing to a set of TF10, there is no comparison. First, it's very comfortable. with TF10, my ears hurt after an hour or so of listening. but with RM, long listening is no longer an issue. I only put them down to take a break and rest my ears. of course, wearing them on/off is much more difficult, but I'm getting the hang of it. Second, the ambient noise isolation is much better. I was surprised by the fit and the consequent isolation. it seals for good tight bass and block outside noise. Third, it sounds awesome. the little details are brought forward. It's flat. no coloration whatsoever. I mix live...
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Chris Thomas

Ultimate Ears


Pros: Great sound and isolation.

Cons: The earphones are kind of expensive.

Ultimate Ears is a very good headphone company. They have a wide variety of headphones, that range from the type you use with Ipod's and mp3 players to headphones for live performances. Big time bands that use these headphones are Anberlin, Rise Against, Switchfoot, and many more. I love the sound quality and the isolation from other sounds. The headphones range anywhere from 20 dollars to 1300 dollars, I love them. I have the 1300 dollar ones. This is a great buy.

UE Reference Monitors - Believe It.


Pros: Flat and accurate yet not too clinical

Cons: UE customer support isn't the greatest

I'm a laptop producer of electronic music and film score compositions and it just isn't practical to remain tethered to a desk with near-field monitors for tracking and mixing. I need to be mobile but need to know that what I'm hearing will translate accurately to my mixes. The UERM's allow me to mix with confidence. Everything is clear and well-placed. The bass is exactly right, which is often the most difficult part of a mix. What I hear in my monitors is what I get when I play back on other systems. The separation of instruments and depth of field is really impressive for an IEM. Isolation is quite good - I'm often on a loud train or boat and I can mix without ambient noise...
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