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A Review On: Ultimate Ears 500

Ultimate Ears 500

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Pros: Amazing sound, they look good, great audio jack angle, comes with carrying box.

Cons: Cable can be stiff.

I'd just like to say the audio jack on these are of a very smart design; the cable goes into the jack at a 90 degree angle and doesn't shoot straight out. My last pair of earbuds died because of my hand accidentally smooshing the standard jack. I can already tell that these UE500s will last a very long time.

That said, they sound fantastic. I prefer these over my mothers UE600s because the 600s sound...flat? The 500s sound more rich than the 600s. The only thing the 600s are better at are fitting in your ear. But, the overall value you get from the 500s is, in my opinion, better in terms of sound and isolation.

If you get these brand new, they include a little box to carry them in and some comply-foam tips. However, if you have other buds that you like, you can just slide any on or off. 

You will not be disappointed if you get these. They can serve a variety of activities and have good noise isolating capabilities.

The link below is a total steal on these earbuds. I suggest you buy now.



I have one pair with iphone controller which is a little bit more expensive than the 500. The sound is balance. And overall the sound quality if much better than I expected.
ewwwwwwwwwwwwww iems, no me gusta
still not bad on the price in addition to the isolation... but non the less iems don't like my giant ears and mah giant ears don't like dem iems -.-
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