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Fantastic Sound for the Price

A Review On: Ultimate Ears 500

Ultimate Ears 500

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Pros: Great sound, incredible value, nice bass

Cons: Terrible durability, poor cable, no strain relief whatsoever, somewhat hard to drive

I'm giving these a 4 based on sound quality alone. I'm a cheap headphone user; I've gone from cheap headphone to cheap headphone over the past decade or so. I started with the Skullcandy Ink'd headphones, moved onto the Sennheiser CX400s, then the Meelectronics M6 and M9, and finally, this. I've also tried the Klipsch S4's. I'm currently on my third pair of these because well, they're so damn cheap. The sound quality for these blows every other comparably priced headphone out of the water. These are the best dynamic driver headphones I've ever had. Every other headphone had issues with overwhelming bass and lack of clarity, but these, although they don't lack bass, don't have that issue. Good clarity and sound overall with a good punchy bass and a fun sound signature overall. It embodies the best parts of dynamic driver ear buds with little of the cons.


My biggest issue with these is that although they're cheap, the quality is terrible. The cord has insane microphonics and although it has never cracked on me over a year of heavy use as some people have feared it might, its certainly not good. My first pair broke because the cable connection near one of the drivers tore, the second because the cable near the plug tore, and now I'm on my third. There's no strain relief whatsoever on these cables; I'm going to try to use Sugru or shrink tubing to try to add some ersatz strain relief, but keep this in mind if you plan on using them to work out (like I did).


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