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My private Theater

A Review On: Ultimate Ears 500

Ultimate Ears 500

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Pros: Privacy, clarity, beautiful sound seperation

Cons: The cord concerns me

My current set. My favorite and my private oasis. These beauties will cut out most if not all ambient noise like while driving in a car and household noise when the music is flowing. I became a fan of  music all over again when I bought a pair of UE 350's at Best Buy at a discounted price. I was drawn by the nice packaging of the artists on the outside wearing UE's. I was blown away at the detail and clarity of the set. It didn't cut out the ambient noise like the 500's do but it got my to buy these. I took it as upgrade, the next step up from the 350s. They were. Especially putting on the Comply comfort plus tips included puts you in that private theater. Its so clear with Jazz and classical. Its beautiful. Even acoustics and vocals are so clear. Most IEM's I've tried they sound great but you couldn't wear them everywhere and still hear music. These, you can wear them anywhere and seclude yourself with your favorite music. My favorite part about these and there maybe some sets out that do better but I can crank these up to 100 and have no distortion and the great part there is no noise bleeding with the Comply tips on. They're amazing. I want to buy several pair their so good. They do have a two year limited warranty which is great. I am bothered by the cord but I definitley don't use the crappy case they include. If I wrap these up in the case long enough they'll sure fall apart. As of now, UE has impressed me. I'm not sure if I'm ready to put these down for anything else. Yet I am new to falling in love with music again. I want to buy every new IEM of course but its not practical and not a healthy financial decision. If I didn't buy another set anytime soon, I'm very content. The sound, privacy and comfort of these satisfy me completely. For $25 on Amazon, you can't go wrong. Thanks for your time folks. 


Welcome to Head-Fi, seems that you have gotten a nice start on the IEMs.
While the UE500 is nice and all, something like UE900 and other higher end IEM might blow you away with the sound quailty, once again. Most of the newer high end IEMs have removable cords, and if you are going up to custom in-ear monitors, the isolation will also go up to a totally different level.
Stop reading Head-Fi if you value your wallet. ;)
i was thinking of getting these to compliment my UE6000 over ear headphones.  to the OP, you can pick the UE6000 up for about $80.  at that price, i am amazed by them just about every day.  
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