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UE 18 Pro Reviews


UE18 Pro–An Underrated CIEM that Deserves Attention


Pros: Punchy bass, UE support

Cons: Mids/highs could be a bit more apparent, the sound signature is one that pushes you toward higher volumes

This is my first written review on Head-Fi, so please take everything with a grain of salt, but I am going for a detailed review here, and I intend on doing more in the future, so please feel free to comment on anything I can do to improve! Anyway, let's dive right in! A little about me: A little over a year ago, some switch flipped inside of me, and I discovered the wonderful–regretfully expensive–world of high end audio. It didn't take me long until I was hooked, and since then, my love for audio progressed exponentially. Now, I feel as though I own some pretty nice gear, and I can truly appreciate the quality of the audio I'm listening to. Another little fun fact, I...
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Richard Devine

Amazing, I love these IEM's the best by UE yet


Pros: Very clean, Clear, transparant sound, better improved high end response. Great detail

Cons: Had some fit issues, had to send them back twice, but now good

I had owned the UE-10's before this for about 3 years. So upgrading to these was a huge improvement in my opinion. Very nice full sound, with improved frequency response from 20 Hz to 18,000 Hz. Bass is much more present on these but not too overly stated. Gorgeous build quality. Very happy with these In ear monitors, I also own the JH-16's and still love listening to these all the time on the go.
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