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UE 11 Pro Reviews


My first custom IEM -- great experience


Pros: Great bass, excellent buid quality

Cons: A little heavy on bass, price is higher than similar products

This is my very first pair of custom IEMs after trying almost all of the high end universal IEMs -- SE530,  UE Super Fi 10, Etymotics etc.  The sound of these UE11 Pros is superior in every way to all of the universal ones I had, but even more important they stay in my ear and provide a proper seal.  Since my ear canals get very narrow, I found it very difficult to get any of my universals to stay in my ear and maintain a proper seal.  As you all know, a proper seal is crucial to achieve good full sound with an IEM.  I found UE to be an easy and helpful company to order from.  The fit is great, although it took me a while to figure out how to get these into my ears, and then I hurt...
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Outstanding service and product, non-fatiguing, plentiful bass, compliments the UERM


Pros: Spacious, lively, full, impactfull, musical

Cons: Same driver count and similar sound found for less

This is my second UEpro purchase.  I started with the UERM as I was hoping for an Etymotic ER4S with bass sound signature.  Well, that wasn't found with the UERM.  The diffuse sound field signature of the ER4S is unique and I've accepted the fact that an ER4S sounds like, well, an ER4S.  Back to the UERM, I was very excited to receive it after waiting less than 2 weeks from the time my complimentary impressions were taken by the UE reps, courtesy of Mt. Hood Hearing of Portland, OR.  I paid the extra for custom art and the final product was nothing short of outstanding.     Long story short, when I received the UERM, I was excited as a candy-deprived...
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fun and punchy IEMs


Pros: great lively sound

Cons: a bit heavy on the bass

this is a super high quality IEM, very comfortable and isolating, with sparkly and punchy sound that lends itself best to bass-intensive recordings - whether this means reggae or rock, church organ or rhythm&blues is up to you to decide. it's a little less dependent on amplification in my opinion than the UERM. you'll be surprised to listen to a piano, for instance, on this one: it acquires bigger stomp without being thrown off balance completely. really good also with some classical recordings of big orchestras. watch the volume control, this is a very dynamic IEM!

UE 11 Pro. Extraordinary Clear Sound. Beautiful Sound Stage. Change Cables every 6 months or so for best sound.


Pros: Clarity. Sound Stage. Comfort. Life like.

Cons: Cables tend to oxidize over time (turn green). Muffles high-end. I change them every 6 months to a year.

Previous IEM was the Shure 530, which I'd thought was good. The UE11 Pro was a revelation. Music sounded clearer with a better sound stage. I listen to loss-less digital off my Mac thru an off-board DAC. Base does seem to be heavy directly off of iPad or the Mac.  This goes away with the Off-board DAC revealing deep solid base with tone and pitch. The supplied cables tend to oxidize over time. This tends to muffle the high-end and loses detail. I replace the cables every 6 to 8 months (or when I  realize it needs new cables). I am very happy with these.  

Best IEMs Yet


Pros: Great sound

Cons: Uncomfortable and high fatigue

I've owned E2cs then e4cs, then E500's (Se530's), and then moved to UE-11's. I have to say I was unhappy with the sound moving up from my E500's. They were clearly better, but not as much better as I hoped. The UE-11's had a sharper sound to them and I guess I like the warmer sound signature if that means anything. But after listening for a while and trying the E500's again, I couldn't listen to them. Regardless of how I liked the type of signature, the UE-11's were just that much better.    I'd say they're worth the price for sure but definitely not a value headphone.
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