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These things are remarkable. Fantastic for the average gamer, good for the pros.

A Review On: Turtle Beach Earforce x12

Turtle Beach Earforce x12

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Pros: Great volume and bass control, excellent mic, somewhat good looking, rotatable ear cuffs for different fits

Cons: The cable is way too long, one side could be slightly out of balance.

    I have been using my X12s for a little more than a year and they never cease to amaze me. It makes gameplay so much more enjoyable because of the enhanced sound and adjustable bass levels. When I'm playing games in Halo, I can always tell what direction my foes are approaching me from because the X12s allow you to hear pretty much everything. They are also comfortable, enough; the tops of your ears may get sore after a long sitting. In my opinion, the X11s (the model wich these replaced) were a bit more comfortable because they where a tad lighter. But the X12's sound quality is by far better. 

    The only legitimate problem I have with these may be in my own ears, but if you turn the volume al the way down, and then slowly increase it, the right side is always the first one to emit sound. This 'problem' is insignificant and possibly invalid because it may only be my left ear's fault.

    Aside from gaming, and if you have the right adapter, you can actually power these headphones with an i{Pod/Phone/Pad and listen to some tunes. The only issue with this setup is that the cable is almsot unbearably long and has an assortment of other connectors (use the green audio jack for MP3 players). If you don't have over-ear headphones, the X12s can suffice until you get a pair of "real" headphones.

    As for comparison with the other models of Turtle Beach Xbox 360 headphones, I cannot justify buying any other model of headphone; There are a few options and prestigious features such as wireless connection or Dolby, but to be frank I have not been super impressed with the higher models. If you do want Dolby surround sound, Turtle Beach had a processor add-on available for the X12s that will convert them into a 3D audio capable headset.


If you are looking for a great sounding gaming headset and don't want to put a hole in your wallet, look no further than the X12s.

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The sound being a bit to the right definitely isn't just you. Just tried it on my headset and it does the same thing.
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