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Impressive overall quality

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Turtle Beach Earforce x12

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Pros: Great sound quality, very open sound, low price, high quality boom mic, good build quality, Adjustable bass boost, plenty of cable.

Cons: Hard ear pads, usb must be plugged in to play sound, to many cables, leak a high amount.

From a gamer's standpoint these headphones make an amazing gaming headset. The adjustable game volume, bass boost, and chat volume controls make it easy to adjust volumes to however you want them. With the bass boost turned all the way up the game sounds much more immersive with better sounding explosions. These do have lots of cables that can get annoying at time but are mainly unnoticeable during gameplay. The amp also produces a hum that is noticeable with no sound playing, i could not notice it once they had some sound going through them. 


These headphones will not get your ears sweaty and are quite comfortable. The ear pads are a little hard and feel a like they don't form a good seal against your head, because of this and low clamping pressure bass seems to lack depth without you holding the headphones against your ears. They do cause little fatigue and I have achieved gaming sessions of up to 6 hours with this headset.


These headphones offer a very open soundstage which lets you distinguish the direction of enemy players and gives you an edge because you can hear them coming from around a corner or  behind you.


When it comes to listening to music i have not heard a pair of headphones close to this price-range with comparable sound quality. With the bass boost turned up they offer a good amount of bass even at low volumes. At high volume the bass becomes VERY distorted  unless you lower the amount of bass boost on these but they still offer a good amount of bass with good quality. The adjustable bass boost also means that you are able to change the amount of bass to your taste weather you are a bass head or are looking for a more balanced sound. The soundstage is very open  as a result of these being open headphones, the negative that comes with this is that they leak a lot of sound; at full volume it sounds like you are using the computer's speakers at half volume. 


The build quality on these headphones seems to be very good. I have had mine for almost a year and have used them allot. A few weeks ago the amp on theses headphones went out all of a sudden, i fixed this by completely removing the amp and soldering a 4 pole jack at the end so the mic, and audio still work without the usb to power them. I use an extension cable to make up for the short amount of cable between the headphones and the amplifier. They now sound like they did before but with the bass boost turned all the way down; they still offer a good amount of bass that becomes nice and boomy at high volumes. 


Overall i would encourage anyone who wants a low cost yet high quality headset weather they want them for gaming or for listening for music. The overall sound quality of these is comparable to headphones that cost $200 such as the beats by dre and V-moda crossfade lp. 


so, what you're saying is that these headphones rival the dt770 pro, audio technica ath ad900, and the German Maestro GMP 8.35?
I smell a hint of bullsh*t or chain trolling with all these consumer crap headphones given these 5 star ratings.
@Gallade475 True,he is either a fanboy or troll. hope he goes back to his club or cave respectively ;)
Maybe he's just comparing them to beats.
Honestly, the TB headsets I've tried were among the worst things I've ever put on my ears. The only thing they rivaled were the original V-Moda LP, beats solo and Sol republic headphones for the title of worst headphones.
Tried these and returned them. I couldn't get past the hum from the USB amp
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