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My Favorite/best amp

A Review On: TTVJ Portable (Slim)

TTVJ Portable (Slim)

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Pros: Great sound

Cons: Gain switch broke after 1st time of use

My favorite portable Amp from my collection, Everything works as has been reviewed and confirmed.

My only complain is for the gain switch which broke easily during my first use!

Well you can't have it all.

Sound wise it rocks and deserves your consideration


I have one too and love-love-love it.
Did you have any problem with the gain switch, its broken (I still can change it with a pin), but to be honest I rarely/never change it from 0.
Not at all. I change the setting depending on if I'm using my HD650's or Yuin PK1's, but am very careful when I do. Todd seems so cool and fair that I would think he'd do the right thing if it was faulty.
Todd is cool, When i informed him he directly offered me two options whichever is better for me , both included departing from my TTVJ slim which I could not, its not a big deal, I asked him to send me the switch and i will fix it later. Be careful when you nit, I am not the only one with this problem, check the forums for gain broke TTVJ slim, and you will know what I mean. At the end it is a great product with excellent support.
You do know that the pyramid with the capstone and the eye in it is the signature of the Illuminati on the back of the 1 dollar bill right? It is the all seeing eye or the eye of Horus which the Illuminati worship! Hahaha just kidding.
Definitely my best sounding and most versatile portable headphone amp. Works perfectly all the way from my FitEar ToGo! 334 (SUPER SENSITIVE!!!) to my Sennheiser HD 650.
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