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TTPOD T1-E High Definition Dual Dynamic Professional In-ear Earphone Reviews

Positive Reviews


It sounds as good as it looks!!!


Pros: quality build, sexy look, excellent sound with enhanced bass, lots of accessories

Cons: not as detailed

This is a review of TTPOD T1E dual dynamic driver in-ear headphones. http://penonaudio.com/TTPOD-T1E-Bass   Here you go, another in-ear headphone gem for under $50!  Though I was a bit skeptical approaching it, T1E turned out to be another giant killer where this dual dynamic headphone set delivered a sound quality on par with others that cost at least twice or more.  When you factor in a unique design, amount of accessories, and quality of packaging, it makes you scratch your head with a question: "weren't they suppose to cut some corners in order to keep the price down?"  Well, apparently TTPOD guys figured out how to make their product look like a million bucks...
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You know you gotta get one!


Pros: Sweetest Bass with good treble

Cons: Fitting Issue

TTPOD T1E Review Background Be using me Fiio X3 for this review ......fosho' this purple jet pack is one sexy lookin' IEM .....housing is big but could be a problem for some with the fitting ....can be worn down or over the ears though me prefer down ....me always do ..ahem ......HUGE they are but its actually quite comfy for me and insertion is shallow and good for long listening session.....guaranteed to make you break out and do some nasty move fosho' ....me sure did ....muahahahahahahahahaaa   Right out of the gate .....me gotta say ...its a must have for those who already owned Havi ...as it will compliment on your iem signature collection ....with Havi being more technical vs T1E...
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Negative Reviews


A Turd


Pros: They come in a nice box ,they look nice, don't hurt your ears IF you're using foam tips, decent bass

Cons: Worst mids ever, horrible value for money ,NOT a fun sound, will make you hate music

These things are probably the biggest shock i had in the world of headphones\earphones, i read all the rave reviews, i burned them in for days, i eq'd them to death but in the end: "You can't polish a turd".     Fit:   My greatest concern about these turned out to be a non issue, some of the white silicone tips had a good fit but some memory foam tips i got from Ebay gave me a great comfy fit. Nothing to complain about here.   Design:   These look great imo, a lot smaller than they look in the pictures and videos, the cable is kinda cheap and ugly but i didn't expect something of great quality.   Sound:   Bass and lower mids: The bass...
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High Quality Dual Dynamic Design, Discounted!


Pros: Construction, Fairly Balanced Fun Sound

Cons: Large Housings, Limited Bandwidth

Intro While some may recommend  budget $20 IEMs like Xiaomi Pistons or the 8$ Monoprice 9927, I have found 30-40$ to be the sweetspot if wanting to spend little as cash possible for something good.  Such price gets you an IEM like this one, which not only has a great sound for it's price, it is well rounded in construction, ergonomics and isolation. In this price range, the only other IEMs I could think of that are on par in sound, are Sony MH1, SteelSeries Flux IE and ZA Tenore [this price range also seems to the home of the microdrivers]. But it's all about the whole package here, as the T1E are better constructed than all the IEMs just mentioned, while having...
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More Reviews


Tight, Strong Bass, with Crisp Vocals, Cool Design, but there are some drawbacks....


Pros: strong fast tight bass, clean midrange, bit a crispness in the treble

Cons: fit (housing shape), shallow fit, midrange a bit unnatural sounding and thin

The TTPOD T1E takes design cues from other more expensive and more well known earphones into a much more affordable package. It comes equipped with “dual dynamic drivers” in each of the earpieces, making these earphones a bit on the larger side. But the question everyone is asking is how does it sound? So lets get started with the review: Below you can see my video review, be sure to subscribe, cause new content is always on the way.   Accessories: The TTPODs come with a solid assortment of accessories: A white pouch to store the earphones (it does feel kind “papery”)-> I would opt for a hard shell carrying case instead 3 sets (S,M,L)of wide bore, spiral design hybrid...
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TTPOD T1-E video Unboxing (Transparent and Black)


Pros: good sound quality, great price, Look Great (Especially the transparent model)

Cons: slight discomfort due to bulky driver

Hello Head-Fi   Check out my unboxing of the TTPOD-T1E in transparent, and black.  The review will be coming up soon as well! Transparent: Black:



Pros: Full non-bloated bass, rich smooth mids, clean laid-back treble, build quality, comfort

Cons: Literally nothing

First off, I would like to say that anyone who gives this less than four stars either: 1.  Received a fake pair 2.  Is a troll / is lying 3.  Has godawful taste in sound   I'm not actually going to write a review at all... twister6 's review pretty much covers it.  I do have to say, though... if you put these side-by-side with the legendary Havi B Pro, the Havi edges ahead only slightly in the detail category; the TTPODs are quite detailed for their price bracket.

My go to IEM for fun!


Pros: Overall SQ is versatile. Great price range.

Cons: Not sure if they will stay put at the gym.

Almost 2 months with these gems. I simply love these IEMs. I paired them against my Shure SE215 and the Havi B3 Pro 1 and I briefly pit them against the UE700s and Klipsch S4II. I am definitely no authority when it comes to SQ lingo or by no means an audiophile but I will let you know my experience so far. (I mostly used my Fiio e11 amp w/ Ipod touch 4th gen for testing these).   Vocals: Good forward presence with both male and female but nothing like what the Havi B3 produces. They are clearer then the SE215s on many different type of tracks.   Highs: The treble ranges are well pronounced but at higher volumes, they tend to be harsh (more so with classic rock) and depending...
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