Amazing amp in a small package

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Pros: Small, good battery life, great resolution and clarity, mind numbing bass, silent background

Cons: fixed gain, but plenty of power to spare

Came with a high quality 3.5mm-3.5mm interconnect, some bands for your portable rig, some foot pads so it doesn't scratch your source, and some other goodies. The build quality is good, you can tell it's hand made, but you can tell it was made with pride with outstanding craftsmanship. Onto the details of the sound, out of the box I wasn't amazed by it and then the battery died shortly thereafter. After a full charge it seems like the whole dynamics changed. Details came out, sound stage widened, bass hit new lows, etc etc. I can't wait for it turn burn in, everyone says it gets sweeter after ~200 hours. Even my powers my HD600's to volumes louder than I need.

Customer service was perfect, I'm a very satisfied customer with a great amp.

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