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Good but Fiddly

A Review On: Tralucent Audio 1Plus2

Tralucent Audio 1Plus2

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Pros: Sound Quality

Cons: Fit, tips and wiggle.

Yep they sound amazing. YES they are worth the money. The Bass is amazing. They are VERY exciting. I listened to them intensely for a five week period and I haven't listened to them once since then. This is because in all honesty, for me, they are a pain to put in correctly. I have tried every tip under the sun, Comply Large give me a great seal, often though I need to do so much fiddling with my left ear to retain the seal and get a balance between left and right that the left one just kind of sticks out like I am Plug from The Beano whilst the right one goes in fine every time.

They are the best IEMs I have ever heard, but for me the overhead of putting them in and fiddling clearly makes them inconvenient, hence them sitting in a drawer for a couple of months totally unused.

To be fair, it is a total gamble whether you will get a good fit, and what is worse is that if you do get a great seal it is hard to know whether that seal is blocking some of the sound too.

I have gold silver cables, again and again, they sound ridiculously amazing, not like an IEM at all, and certainly miles better than the Ultrasone IQ9 Hybrids, totally different story.

Shame that I am a mutant and have weird ear canals, but don't let that put you off.

I listen to loads of Electronica and these are perfectly suited to it, to my ears. The bass is delicious and juicily swells perfectly. Detail is good, sound stage is really something else.

I wish I could have it all but I can't.

For now it is back to closed back cans so if someone wants to talk to me, be it on the street, at the checkout till or at work I can simply lift a cup and put it on my skull, instead of getting massively irritated by having to take one out tell the lady that; no I do not want a "Bag for life" and then annoy everyone else in the queue and I stand there reinserting so I can continue to listen to their awesomeness.

Make no mistake about it, they are awesome.

Tralucent and its creator Gavin are amazing at customer service and support, really brilliant, such lovely people.

Their product is simply amazing.

I just want my cake and eat it. Then, they can bake me another one.



I also have issue with the stock tips. However, the issue can easily solved by using the Monster SuperTips. I am using the Small Medium (SM) tips and it fits me perfectly.
 Well for you yeah. I tried a fair few, but nothing really nailed it. I haven't tried the ones you allude to, might give them a bash if I can find them. 
The fact I hadn't listened to them in ages then wrote this review made me go and dust them off. They are even better than I remember. Such unique energy, they are really amazing. 
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