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Tralucent universal 1+2 is the natural and neutral I ever heard

A Review On: Tralucent Audio 1Plus2

Tralucent Audio 1Plus2

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Pros: Very good sound quality like you hear from bookshelf at home rigs

Cons: No contra , my suggestion could be better if smaller than my silver cable now , only for cosmetic

Hi all my head fi ers friends

The first time I heard my 1+2 plus was impressed me
the soundstage so big like I hear from home rigs.
The separation is very good , that I can imagine where the Sanger and the orchestra like to be there in live concert hall.
The transparency is top notch
The natural and neutral iem I have heard, if your rigs set up increase the sound quality from 1+2 increase too
Follow your set up

My portable set up as follow
Source : iPhone 4 s
Dac : class - dB and class solo old
Dac amp : : go dap x LME upgrade version
Amp : alo Rx 3 B , RSA intruder and RS 71 B upgrade version
Iems : Tralucent 1+2 with silver cable
Fit ear 334 with alo scx 24 upgrade cable ( sold )
Fit ear MH 335 DW custom iem with alo scx 24 upgrade cable

Burn in process : about 100 hours

Note : during burn in process at about 30 - 40 hours if you hear sound quality so dull , please don't worry it is
Normal with your 1+2 , after that dull experience , my 1+2 open up very good that you hear the detail
More than before .

High : so open , and very clear and clean high but not harsh at all , you have your high should be like that in
Live concert

Mid : very sweet , clear and clean sounding mid and so neutral and natural
The position from the Sanger is on the right position

Bass : very good and very detail sounding bass and very clean too , in loud passage you still can hear the
Bass detail very good , the bass speed is very fast too
Compare to my previous fit ear 334 , 334 has better bass impact , but my 1+2 has better bass detail
And is there like in live concert no coloration.

Separation : after 100 hours has some improvement , that you can feel where the placement from the
Individual instrument .

Soundstage : the best soundstage I ever heard from my iem collection
About the same level like my new MH.335 DW

Conclusion : I love the natural and neutral from 1+2
Until now only one custom iem that can challenge my 1+2 , that is my fit ear MH.335 DW
It is unfair competition from price wise between my 1+2 and my fit ear MH. 335 DW

This is my personal impression


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