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Tralucent 1Plus2 Universal Fit Custom IEM

A Review On: Tralucent Audio 1Plus2

Tralucent Audio 1Plus2

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Pros: Amazing bass, intimate mids, detailed and non-fatiguing treble, spacious sound-stage

Cons: None, well it may be a tad pricey but well woth it's weight IMO

Introduction: The Tralucent 1Plus2 is an amazing IEM. I wasn't expecting it to sound this good. At the time I also had the AKG3003 on hand and directly compared them for a couple weeks. It was apparent within hours of listening to the 1Plus2 that I vastly preferred it to the AKGs. I kept thinking to myself, are the AKGs more detailed? That wasn't the case at all. They are on par in detail with each other just that the AKGs are brighter giving you a false sense of detail at times. It's all there on the Tralucents yet you don't get the fatigue of long listening sessions. At least that is the case for me.The Tralucents also play better with more genres than the AKGs do so they are more versatile, better all-arounders.


Bass: The bass IMO is the best part of these IEMs. It reaches very deep, is well controlled yet has such presence. It very much reminds me of full-size headphone type bass yet with the excellent extension known to dynamic IEMs. You get great quality and quantity. The texture and depth are superb.


Mids: Mids are also wonderful on these IEMs. I always like my mids to be upfront and personal. Not overly so but in a convincing manner. There's just the right amount of thickness to it which is very pleasing to these ears. More of a natural sound to it. Plus the detail (micro-details) are really good. I'm finding myself hearing nuances I haven't heard before in songs I've listened to several times before. It's like rediscovering your music again. This is particularly evident in busy Rock tracks where some of the lyrics can just blend in and not really make themselves known. The Tralucents make them that more apparent.


Treble: Now when it comes to treble I tend to be quite finicky. I love detail just as everyone else does yet I don't like treble spikes. I'm very sensitive to that and I can tell you the treble on the Tralucents are quite smooth. I'm a sucker for smooth and detailed treble. It's in no way laid-back or rolled off. The detail is all there. Nothing is masked IMO. What you get is a very euphoric and enjoyable sound. I guess you could say an organic yet detailed experience?


Sound-staging/Imaging: The sound-staging is yet another noticeable characteristic of these IEMs. It is both deep and wide. It really reminds me of the IE80 sound-stage just better in every way. Much more detailed IMO yet you still get an expansive and engaging sound. Imaging is also great. These IEMs are a bit harder to drive (I think they are 50 Ohms?) but you still get great detail at low volume listening. No issues there at all.


Coherency: I bet many of you are curious regarding coherency. I know there have been many cases where coherency has been an issue with Hybrid IEMs recently released. I can confirm this even on the AKG3003. While it wasn't a complete deal-breaker for me. It also left me feeling disconnected from the music at times. I felt like something was missing and for $1,300.00 I did not like that aspect of the sound. Well regarding the 1Plus2 I don't hear any coherency issues. It all flows together so well. It's effortless. To be honest if I did a blind test I would be more apt to think these are super detailed dynamic drivers. That is how well they paired the TWFK and 10mm dynamic drivers together. The design is ingenious IMO. I don't feel disconnected from the music whatsoever.


Conclusion: The Tralucent 1Plus2s are wonderful IEMs IMO and are well worth their price-tag. I was very fortunate to get to demo them and even purchase my demo unit outright. I just couldn't part with them after spending a couple weeks with them. I originally was intending to purchase the AKGs at that point because up til then they were the best IEMs I had tested to date. Once I tried the 1Plus2 that changed everything and even saved me money in the process. I still sold the W3000ANVs and used the funds to purchase the 1Plus2s. I think that is saying a lot as the Audiotechnicas have their own amazing technical abilities as well.


The price may still be considered steep to some but as you move up the chain prices do go up. Keeping in mind that I find these better than the AKGs which are significantly more expensive in comparison. These are a steal of a deal when comparing price tags. Customer service is also top-notch. I can see this company really going far with their products. A lot of detail and effort goes into their products and the end result just oozes quality. Hopefully my review was somewhat helpful to you all and I hope to hear some similar reviews in the near-future to confirm what I am hearing.




The dynamic driver full frequency with BA overlap or only bass?
Hey Kenman345 the dynamic drivers are tuned for bass only. They do not cover the mid-range or treble at all. Lots of effort has gone into specifically tuning the x-overs. Which leads me to believe these are not easy to drive. Both due to the high Ohm impedance and I'm sure due to the x-overs as well.
Thanks for letting me know. I guess these IEM's are a lot more different than mine. Looking forward to hearing more about them.
No problem. I think that is also why the bass has so much power and presence yet it is very well controlled. In no way overbearing. Definitely on par with full-size headphone bass but with the extra extension known to IEMs :). Looking forward to more reviews on it. I have no doubt this product will be a huge success. Just glad I got an opportunity to demo them before purchase. Not to many opportunities like that come around and happen to fit ones sound-preferences to a T ;).
Very nice review, they are awesome, I hope the price will drop a bit with time.
Sadly I'm not sure if that will be the case. Who knows though. In reality it has gone up from the first model. I'm already extremely happy with my current pair. It's hard to imagine it getting that much better lol :).
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