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Tralucent Audio 1Plus2 Reviews


Tralucent Dreaming


Pros: Visceral bass, great sense of scale, smooth articulate sound, drivers well integrated

Cons: Disappointing build quality, lacks a little high frequency extension, vocals a little unengaging, extremely expensive

*Please ignore the audio quality / comfort / design / isolation / value sliders for this review. As far as I can tell, they seem broken*   This is a universal in-ear monitor with a two balanced armature drivers and a dynamic driver. This earphone costs $1250 IEM with a cable that costs about $800, or as a package together, about $1400. I'm part of an Australian listening tour for this earphone and I spent 2 weeks with it. Let me say this first: I found this IEM really hard to review for a number of reasons, and all of them are related to the price of this earphone.  The most expensive earphone that I own is a second hand pair of Sony MDR-EX1000, which at the time of release...
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Transparency and Soundstage


Pros: Quality bass; wide soundstage; good timbre in mids; controlled trebles; excellent details

Cons: More than 200 hours burn in; ruthlessly transparent; bass and soundstage not as deep as Ref1

As stated elsewhere, for the longest time I have been more familiar with Tralucent Audio as the makers of the Uber cable as well as its silver/gold cable. both of which I have terminated for Fitear customs. I have owned the 1plus2 for for more than a month now. My 1Plus2 comes with the silver/gold cable. As with its younger sibling, the 1Plus2 needs at least 200 hours to hit the sweet spot. One thing which all owners of the 1Plus2 never fail to talk about is the sheer soundstage of this IEM. This soundstage is apparent even from the outset. The other thing which owners constantly rave about is the tight bass of the 1Plus2.   Technical Details   The 1Plus2, as you may have...
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Girls Generation

A great versatile uIEM that does almost everything right.


Pros: Great balance, wide and deep soundstage, excellent imaging, good fit for uIEM

Cons: Price, shallow U shape less appealing to vocal lovers

Preface   Long time no see guys. It's been a while since I hung around here. I'd like to apologize to Gavin as he has shown only generosity to me but I haven't shown any in return. I also owe you guys an apology because I have failed to do my part in helping you guys have a better understanding of the IEM without listening first.    I would like to at least post my review very late in efforts to make it up to you guys. I'm truly sorry; I was so caught up at work in construction then Assistant Manager at a hotel that I just couldn't find the peace of mind to gather my thoughts and express it in words. Then I decided to wait til my JH16FP +  JH3A arrive to really...
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Good but Fiddly


Pros: Sound Quality

Cons: Fit, tips and wiggle.

Yep they sound amazing. YES they are worth the money. The Bass is amazing. They are VERY exciting. I listened to them intensely for a five week period and I haven't listened to them once since then. This is because in all honesty, for me, they are a pain to put in correctly. I have tried every tip under the sun, Comply Large give me a great seal, often though I need to do so much fiddling with my left ear to retain the seal and get a balance between left and right that the left one just kind of sticks out like I am Plug from The Beano whilst the right one goes in fine every time. They are the best IEMs I have ever heard, but for me the overhead of putting them in and fiddling clearly...
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Review of Tralucent Audio 1Plus2 Hybrid Universal IEM with Special uBer Cable (Long)


Pros: Amazing/ Hard-to-match Sonic Qualities/ Musicality (At least with special uBer Cable & decent Audio-Setup), Good Looks

Cons: Ear-Tips don't secure well on Shell, Sound Quality negatively affected by Positioning, Not suited for Travel/ active Wear, Short Cable, Pricy

Review of Tralucent Audio 1Plus2 Hybrid Universal IEM with Special uBer Cable     Summary:   The Tralucent Audio 1Plus2 Hybrid Universal IEMs are one of the highest end In-Ear Monitors in the Market. I recently acquired a pair of the IEMs with the special uBer cable from Musica Acousic:   http://www.musicaacoustics.com/wp/headphones/in-ear-earphones/tralucent-1Plus2/   With a price tag of $1295+shipping for the Baseline Silver Cabled Version, an additional $795 for the gold cable and significantly more than that even for the fanciest cable, the so-called uBer cable, these earphones had a lot to live up to in terms of sonic qualities, build...
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Quite perfect


Pros: So much Details, everything seems to be right.

Cons: Earphones disconects easely with the cable

Hearing the 1plus2 with the gold cable and Astell&Kern AK100, loss less PCM 48kHz/16bit. There are more details to hear as with the Grado PS1000. The bass seems more accurate (dry) and overall the sound more neutral. Bothe are fantastic earphones. Soundstage of the 1plus2 ist awesome and I don't miss the soundstage of the Grado, which is not bad at all... But the earphones needs a long burn-in time (mind. 200h)  to sound smooth an no more harsh as at the beginning. Other earphones I have in comparison: Weston 3, Shure 530. Both nice, but the 1plus2 plays in a different league.

A good choice for a top-tier universal earphone


Pros: Real bass energy, clear mids

Cons: price, of course! V-shaped sound

I may fill out the review a bit more.   No earphone is for everyone, so read reviews and decide what you want to hear--that's the most important thing. The 1plus2 will be excellent for many people.

Tralucent Audio 1Plus2.


Pros: detailing; bass quality and impact; 3D imaging; accuracy of instruments in presentation; and an all round of good fun.

Cons: price; ergonomics of the cable; and microphonics.

(caution: this is a long review (I know this because I just typed it out in Word and it spanned 7 pages!)   I think this is a long awaited review of the 1Plus2s. I've had the stock cable for some time, but of late, I've had the new upgrade cable. I've had them for little over a week now (two weeks now since I've finished this), and the demo period is almost up. So in that sense, I think I've given both the cables and the IEMs enough time to set in. And on that note, it will be very important for me to state that this review will be long as I do intend to cover several bases all at once. But let me start off going a little off-tangent so to speak.   I'm going to try and...
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Tralucent Audio 1Plus2


Pros: Great sub bass, Massive soundstage, Great PRAT, Oodles of detail, Great imaging, Great for live music

Cons: Lack of tip options is annoying, Silver cable needs a more refined look and may be to unwieldy for some people, Mids may sound to thin for some people

  Ladies and gentlemen say hello to the Tralucent Audio 1Plus2 hybrid IEM. This little gem of an earphone easily falls into the group of pricey high-end mobile audio gear with its suggested MSRP of 1300 USD. On first glance this rather plain Jane piece of gear with its beefy silver cable may not look like much but you only have to give it a few minutes of listening time to realize it’s a brute like monster in the sound department. Before we get to the good stuff lets first get the small niggles out-of-the-way. At 1300 USD I expect a lot from an earphone both in the sound department and in the form factor department. Overall, I am generally pleased with the execution Tralucent...
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Tralucent 1Plus2: A love/hate impression


Pros: Excels in almost every aspect of a quality audiophile signature

Cons: Price, comfort, overall integration of each signature quality

  Tralucent 1Plus2 Summary   Ever wanted to know what all the fancy audiophile jargon means audibly ? The 1Plus2 can cover most of what you've read in a single pair of IEMs - soundstage, imaging, detail, high airy extensions, tight & deep bass, clarity, transparency, and the list goes on.    1Plus2, Beat Audio Cronus Cable balanced, iPhone 4S, CLAS -dB Balanced, ALO Rx Mk3 (real use case in low gain setting, despite what the photo suggests)       Physical Design and Comfort   Before we go into the sonics, I'd like to describe more into the physical aspects of this IEM for my ears. The 1Plus2 looks more like a custom...
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