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A Review On: Traformatic Audio Experience Head One

Traformatic Audio Experience Head One

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Pros: Lots of tonal colour. Fantastic pre-amp too

Cons: Source toogle switch on back side

Just got this head-amp some days ago and already find it to sound very good on various phones of differing impedance and power requirements. The amp has a selector switch for 30, 100 and 300 Ohm phones plus line out. I have a pair of Audeze LCD-2 but my favourite phones are by far the Sennheiser HD800 which truly shines with this amp as well as with my Burson HA160.

The treble is extended and the lows are tight and goes very deep. Even though it is a tube amp, the tonality seems very neutral and is by far the most detailed amp I've heard. Still, there is so much bottom grip and dynamics that listening through this amp becomes truly engaging. The amp conveys PRAT in spades.

I must admit that the high ranking is also due to the item's performance as a preamp. I use it also as an input stage in front of my regular power amp and it far outshines my Conrad-Johnson Premier 17Ls2 mkII in my stereo system - which is a big bonus. I've come to respect the designer of this head-/pre-amp.

Avkward issues of the design is that the source selector is on the amps backside which is less ideal when the amp is located in a bench. However, this amp has input for two sources which is better than most.


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