Enhanced sound on IE80's

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Toxic Cables Silver Poison

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Pros: Clearer mids, Clearer highs, well made

Cons: Price

It was with some trepidation that I paid 160 GBP for a set of Toxic Cable's Silver Poison's...given that the IE80's cost 220GBP in the first place. Firstly, I can say on balance I'm pleased with them. I'm aware that there could well be a certain psychological effect in the fact that I expect the sound to seem better, so it is, however I do feel that overall there is an improvement.

The IE80's seemed to my ears to be recessed in the midrange with the emphasis on low's and the upper frequencies were a tad too bright. The silver poison cables seem to have improved this considerably. Hence why I'm happy with the investment.

Looks wise, the silver poison cable certainly looks gorgeous and they're comfortable and easy to use on a daily basis. They certainly do look a lot better than the stock cable.

If you already have an amp / dac, then it's a worthy investment in the pursuit of better sound and I can recommend them to all.


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