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A Review of the Toxic Cable Silver Poison Headphone cables

A Review On: Toxic Cables Silver Poison

Toxic Cables Silver Poison

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Pros: Excellent build quality. Furutech plug; Solid Bass, Smooth Mid's Clear High's

Cons: None so far

After spending some time with my Sennheiser HD650 headphones I knew it was time for an upgrade. I like these cans but I felt I could get better performance from a better cable than the stock that came with them. One of the advantages of a widely owned and acclaimed headphone is an active market for cables. Many choices are available. After reading extensively many forums and reviews I decided to take the plunge with Frank and his Toxic Cables. http://toxic-cables.co.uk/




Frank has developed a devoted following by building great cables that are immaculate in their construction and by being meticulous about his cable materials. Custom designed for his specs he sells the raw cable for the DIY crowd as well as the finished product for us clients with too many thumbs.  biggrin.gif




Listening was done with a Mac Mini using Amarra 2.4.1 as the source, a Cambridge Audio DacMagic Plus connected via Audioquest Cinnamon USB via USB 2.0. The Sennheiser's were plugged directly into the DMPlus as the Pre-Amp for all computer audio. All files were ripped AIFF Lossless via iTunes 10.6.3. CD/SACD/DVD-A discs were played in a Denon DVD-5900 connected either via Coax to the DMPLus or via Denon Link 2 to a Denon AVR-4311ci using AKM4358 DAC's.The HD650's were plugged into either the DMPlus or the Denon AVR-4311 when using the DVD-5900.




Growing up in the 70's I am a big Pink Floyd, Steely Dan, Alan Parsons fan. I have all of their respective works ripped and several of them on SACD or DVD-A. After a 120 hour burn in I queued up Dark Side of the Moon and let it rip with Time. Great bass as expected but the sustain was amazing. the signature bass note seemed to go on forever. followed by the chimes as clear and bright as I had ever heard them. One of the challenges for high notes or chimes can be the breaking up of the top end. None here. The Silver Poison's kept everything together, clear and sustained with no hint of strain. You could turn up the volume without fatigue. David Gilmour's guitar work is legendary and the Silver Poisons allowed each note to flow beautifully.


Alan Parson Project's The Turn of a Friendly Card on DVD-A in 24/96 is a gorgeous production. The Gold Bug is an instrumental track which is a great de-stresser for me. Lovely Saxophone over a solid bass line soft backing vocals and chimes. It is a real workout for any system to have the pieces all come through clearly. No problem for the Silver Poisons. Smooth and concise they allowed the music to shine through with no hint of strain.


Steely Dan was next ripped lossless AIFF from the Redbook CD of the Definitive Collection. Babylon Sisters had everything I like, great attack, tight strong bass, soulful female backing vocals and a personal fave, electric piano with Donald Fagen (My Dad was a musician and he played electric piano. Lot's of great evenings watching the band play) Electric Piano can get smeared if not treated properly. The Silver Poison's were once again at their best reproducing that signature sound I grew up with and loved so well.


I probably have about 50 hours of close listening so far after the break in time. I spent a big chunk of the 4th of July indoors on a beautiful July  day because I could not take the HD650's off my head. One more song, I would say. How about some Alison Krause, Linda Ronstadt, Lana Del Ray, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Led Zepplin, Judas Priest, Toto, Fleetwood Mac, Norah Jones and right now....Steely Dan's classic Cousin DuPree.




So, final verdict...5 Stars.... Tighter Bass, Smoother Mids, Clearer Highs, Liquid...This is what I was after and I got it with the Silver Poison's Highly recommended! smily_headphones1.gif


Awesome! What do you think about upgrading the cable on my HD 558's?
Based on what am hearing and on the comments being made by other members I would say it is very worthwhile. I am certainly pleased with my purchase.
Great review, thanks for taking the time to write it.
I am very tempted, great review thanks.
5 Months with my Silver Poison's...I would definitely buy them again!
They are Awesome are they not?!
A few months with my IE8 recable and I couldnt be happier, And it keeps sounding better!
Cant wait now until Frank makes up my order for my HD25's :)
I am a big fan of Frank's work. Great sound and awesome workmanship......
Outstanding cable for my HD600's. First rate build quality and I find it comfortable to have a light cable on the phones for extended listening.
Haven't heard anything better with the HD650s...exceptional!
I do not measure. However, over time You can hear changes to the cables as you reach a couple of hundred hours of use. All positive changes.
These sound like they are great. I'm a little confused about the whole concept of snapping out single ended cables and snapping in balanced cables, though. Is it really as simple as that or does some rewiring need to be done, also? I have old 580s and new 650s, and am going nuts trying to decide on a headphone amp. Many highly recommended amp models are balanced, and there are "too many" choices. If I can just replace the stock cables and "magically" have balanced cans, that opens up many amp options for me that I was thinking I had to rewire (re-twist the wires) for. Sorry for dumb question largely in the form of comments. Thanks for any comments.
The connector on the end of the cable can be a single ended or a balanced. You request your choice when ordering. I asked frank to make a 4 pin balanced to single ended adapter so I now order everything from him as a 4 pin balanced and I can use the adapter if I need single ended. For example, my Studio Six amp only accepts single ended cable. I connect the adapter and the cable is good to go and I do not have to pay for another cable type. Your only other variable is the headphone connector itself. The HD650 and the HD800's us a different connector so I need different cables.
Thanks longbowbbs!
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