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A Review On: thinksound on1 Supra-Aural On-Ear Monitor Wooden Headphone

thinksound on1 Supra-Aural On-Ear Monitor Wooden Headphone

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Pros: Warm, rich, detailed overall; solid articulate bass, very comfortable, nicely made

Cons: Excessive ibilance with stock cables

This is an UPDATE of my original review.  Listening further, experimenting,

taking suggestions from the comments.


My original rating was 3.5, because these headphones do - as noted - display

clearly audible sibilance wherever it can possibly occur.  


Some comments suggested using aftermarket cables, and I did so.

The sibilance disappeared.


Most recently, I've been using these with a plain cable offered by V-Moda.

Straight, light, and reasonably priced.  (I tried 5 different cables in all.)


While IMO thinksound has to bear responsibility for bundling a cable

with these headphones that degrades their quality, the fact is that

aftermarket cables are widely available - and thinksound did "think"

to use a standard 3.5mm input, allowing the use of many different



And, with the V-Moda cable (and others mentioned in the comments

below), these headphones sound superb, easily holding their own

sonically with any of the competition.  Rich, warm sound, highly

detailed, great dynamics, and a superior soundstage.  


They're also very comfortable - one of the more comfortable

on-ear designs I've worn.  


They have a solid feel, and the wood earcups look terrific.


At $260.00 or so there's plenty of competition - e.g. the Beyer T51p,

the NAD HP50, the KEF 500.  But the onOne's compete very well

indeed.  I recommend listening to them if at all possible (with an

aftermarket cable at the ready).


And withal, I'm raising my original 3.5 rating to 4.5.


Comments, jeers, cheers, all welcome.



ORIGINAL review follows:




It will be a short review.




I was excited to find these headphones, since I had use for a closed on-ear set of reasonably high quality.

I had the Senn Amperiors, but IMO their bass was too much.

I'd had the Senn HD25 1 II, but the clamping pressure was too tight for me - also, soundstage was small.

Looked at the new aluminium Senn HD25, but they didn't seem to be 'wowing' anyone at $329.

KEF 500 looked OK, but I noticed the pads are flat - and flat pads generally bother my ears (physically).

B&W P5, P7 - thought I was paying too much for bling type materials e.g. leather (plus the name).

(I happen to be a fan of B&W speakers, own them, (2 pairs).


Then I saw these Thinksound headphones, which I remembered vaguely from a review.


Bought them (brand new).


Initially, out of the box, I was delighted.

They did pretty much everything well.

Sounded bigger than most closed headphones,

beautiful and very nicely made,

a rich sonorous sound through and through.

Punchy dynamic bass (perhaps even slightly too much for some listeners),

smooth, coherent; soft yet detailed treble.


The cord was microphonic but with all I'd looked at, it seemed nitpicking.

I figured I'd probably just get another cord.


And then > :eek:


Sibilance!  On one of my top test albums, one Id listened to hundreds (thousands) of times

Female, mezzo, "s"


Then I heard it again, this time on a "t"


Not happy about that.


Listened to a couple more albums that I use for testing and know very well,

...sibilance on every one.

And not a small, "I can live with that" sibilance,

but a strong, "Here I am" sibilance.


After burning in the headphones for about 10 hours,

I listened to them again for a few days off and on

using a different playback system.  

Specfically, a DX50 > O2 (FLAC files only).


It was a bit frustrating because the headphones continued

to sound great but for that blasted sibilance.


Reluctantly, I've packed them up and

will return them to the seller on Monday.


Thanks for the warning zazex!  :)
try an aftermarket cable, like the hand braided silver plated available on e bay for 40$ or a custom  headphone Mission cable made by Zu Audio....evaporates the sibilance, decongests the sub bass and takes these wonderful phones to another level that is magical and auditory bliss...
drbluenewmexico - your comment is helpful and well taken.  However, Thinksound does not include the cables you mentioned with the On1 headphones, and I reviewed the headphones with the cables as supplied in the retail package.  With those cables, I experienced the significant level of sibilance to which I referred in the review.  
(NOTE: Out of curiosity, I did try a couple of high quality aftermarket cables, which was simple to do as the cable connection to the headphones is via a standard mini jack.  And, as you said (not entirely sure yet if this is a placebo effect) - the sibilance was gone.  Remaining was the great sound I'd mentioned in the review.  I suppose there's much more to be said about this, but I'll not do that now.)
You also should/could have them tested for more than 24 hours playing time, they will sound a lot better by then. Going to score the aftermarket cable as well. I will be happy with these for a long time. 
I agree with you.  These headphones sounded so good (despite the sibilance) that I decided to keep them.
I've since used them with four other cables, and there is no sibilance with any of them.
So credit to thinksound for designing and producing this great set of headphones, and a "debit" to them for
including cables which diminish their SQ quite significantly.
And another credit for allowing the use of any 3.5mm to 3.5mm cable.
(Aftermarket cables used: Mogami 2893, Audioquest Big Sur, AudioQuest Mini 5, Mogami 2528.)
Over the next few days, I'll find out how to raise my rating on these to 4 or even 4.5 stars.
These headphones are pretty good!
Interesting review. Thanks.

I've haven't heard them yet but I actually own their stock cable without the remote, which is built well and sounds fine with other headphones such Focal Pro and T50RP.
Great review, thanks. Just wondering if anyone has had the chance to compare On1 with ATH-ESW9.