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A Review On: The zo Personal Subwoofer

The zo Personal Subwoofer

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Pros: Best bang for the buck bass amp out there!

Cons: Constant buzzing heard when charging while listening, via USB. Thus it's better to let it charge overnight, and enjoy the Zo unplugged from the USB.

I can't even begin to say how well the Zo works; just as advertised, no ifs and buts! To keep things short and simple, if you want powerful, thumping, top-notch quality bass gain, you need not look anywhere else, ever, again! When it comes to amps, I'm a skeptic, to say the least. While many offer potential 'tweaks', which (to a lesser extent) can be acquired through careful EQ-ing, the tweaks are hardly ever worth the premium paid IMO. The Zo on the other hand is priced competitively, and is in turn the absolute best bang for the buck. Monsterous sub-bass gain, with no noticeable midrange bleed whatsoever; coupled with a warm presentation that pushes the entire signature slightly forward and in your face (else the bass would seem too overpowering, were it not for the treble and mids pushed slightly forward). Seriously, stop reading this, and pick one up. You'll never revert to listening without it again! basshead.gif


The USB recharging noise is more of a computer related issue as it happens with all rechargable USB devices. If you don't use it for portable and you're near to a wall socket you can simply buy a USB power adapter so that you can recharge the ZO (constantly if you wish) through the AC outlet.
I bought one for me as I only use the ZO at my desktop comp, no noise whatsoever and don't have to worry about recharging. :)
I'd love to pick one of these up if it only had a volume control! Everything I've heard about it is just great, but...if I wanted it for portable use, I'd need to be able to control the volume since I'd be using it with an iPhone with a LOD. It'd have to be a good one too, crappy volume pots are the worst...
I hear you my friend. The Zo is coupled to my FiiO E7, since it happened to be lying aorund, and because the E7 by itself is neutral (without the bass boost EQ enabled), it acts as my sound source, plugged directly into my desktop via USB, while the EX1000 plugs into the Zo. The result leaves me speechless every time, so when asked to describe it, it's best I remain quiet.
DaBomb77766> Wait for the ZO v2 to arrive, I will be reviewing the v2 when it's released and focus on the changes, a volume control, more/tweaked contour level adjustments, the "pop" when turning on/off is supposedly removed, battery life improved etc. Those are the stated improvements/changes for V2 I believe.

Do you have any idea of when it will be out?
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