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A Review On: The zo Personal Subwoofer

The zo Personal Subwoofer

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Pros: everything

Cons: none for now. coz it is what it is.. and im happy with it.

I would like to say my deepest gratitude to bro sherwino for hitching me in his group buy...without him i could never get my hands on this beautiful thing - the ZO.

this is the story of the ZO...

what is the ZO?
well, to me, its like a boost.
a boost not only in volume but in frequency, in bass, and unheard details/details that are buried in your music.
its a small device that uplifts the experience and bring you to another league of FUN.

I strongly believed that this item is not just an amp.

well, from there ill try to define it more in experience.
i tried using my iems with it.
and the grado sr325is can.
and i really liked how it performed...and what it did to my music.
its really worth every penny to me.

i would like to clarify things here...
it cannot be use in your LINE OUT directly.
it will give you UNBEARABLE amount of volume...specially if youre using low impendance iems.
its not yet meant to be use directly to your dap's line out.
if you want to use the LINE OUT and your ZO, you'll have to use amp between them to control the amount of volume that would go to your gear (iem or hp).

you can charge this item thru any USB port. 
so charging is easy and hassle free...
a blue light to indicate that your unit is in charge mode.

there is a LIGHT SCALE that serves as an indicator to the level of bass that youre in.
green for minimum and red for max level.

INPUT and OUTPUT jacks.
and one button at the side to control the level of bass and to turn the unit ON and OFF.

WELL, enough of too much basic features...what about the sound?

i would highly recommend the ZO to all BA iem users.
wether you are using a CUSTOM or UNIVERSAL BA iems.
its a great pair with your gear.

been using this with my UE700.
ZO level to the max.
and i got a beautiful BA bass.
the only bass i have experienced before in a BA is the SM3 and the ortofon eq7.
and it beats them.
its a lot leaner and stronger...
more mature and slower-slow bass that longed in the air, ala-DYNAMIC but still a BA. 
with both quality and a bit of quantity.
it became better.
it increases mid bass...something like a fun kind of bass with thicker presentation.
call it fullness, there is that with a ZO.

this is an earbud with a very smooth high, clinical in presentation, very musical.
pair it with a ZO, and this earbud became tamed....no sharpness of highs, with warmish mids and leaner bass...again. 
i like it!!!
ZO level to the max.

now this is already almost perfect iem for me...
and i like how it really sound.
im selling my grado sr325is because of this.
i think i already found the period to the end of the sentence...to this journey.
and to me, its the fx700.

well, my impression is a bit mixed...
see, im using ZO level always to the max, with my ue700 and the mx980.
and here, i cant. i just cant justify to add more brute force of bass to my herculean fx700.

i can only use level 1 to 8 with it.
add more and it becomes more unrealistic...the bass would became ridiculously MONSTROUS.
im no basshead, and i only enjoy a good amount of bass.
too much will be fatiguing to me in the long run...it would be a fun ride..you know..
and we all know anything with TOO MUCH is bad.

so...i cant go ZO level to the max with my precious dynamic.

what it did to my fx700 is a warmish and fuller mids.
more greater details and nuances.

i gave you my word.
tried listening to ITS MY TURN by DIANA ROSS.
turn the ZO off and you wont hear a detailed part very clearly to your dap's HP Out.
turn ON the ZO and youll be amazed how that detail was absent in your dap's hp out...almost barely audible in your dap. but with ZO, its clear as a day, its there!

the ZO isnt just an amp.
it would do something more with your music.
with your experience.

GRADO SR325is.
bright. addictive. very energetic. organic. strident.
this is the grado sr325is.
add ZO...
ta dah!

the magic begins.
it would make the grado more stronger, leaner and better.
the mids will became fuller.
with tamed highs, just like what it did to my mx980, and the strident highs...its gone.
just all the goodness, all that retains.

i like what the zo did here too.

a ZO is not just an AMP.
i believe.
it does a lot of things.
you can read again in my gears on things that the ZO did.
gears reacts to the ZO differently.
i got very good results with my can and with my BA iem ue700.

what more if its an sm3?
or a tf10, or a um3x?

feel something's missing with it?
maybe the ZO is the answer for sure.
its an extraordinary experience.

i tried the e5 and the e7 of fiio.
and its not like that.
i have a maverick audio d1 with an amp...and the ZO is not just like that.
its not an amp only.

i cannot tell what magic did the digizoid did here...
but im dumbfounded.

its a thing that i cant live without anymore...TRUE.

this thing is dangerous.
youll be attached to this specially when you hear that your gears gets better with ZO.
not only the gears, but also the experience.
YOU and your music.

try to turn it off and youll hear how your hp out sounds... anemic.
turn it on and your music will sound fuller. the mids will became awesome, strident highs will became tamed, and bass, well, that would depend to you, to your liking.

this ZO.
is really something.
and i cant live without it.


So... It's a portable amp with bass boost/EQ?
So tell me, how do you actually use it with a DAP of some kind? Let's say I'm using a mobile phone.., your post got me somewhat confused, so please explain. You can't connect it to the ZO? You would need an amp in addition? hmm...
The ZO is designed to be used with the hp out or with a line-out (as long as you put an inline volume control cable in front of the ZO). It does act somewhat as an amp in of itself, as the integrated amplifier circuits deliver about 4-5 dB of threshold gain, and about 20 dB of dynamic gain. So an additional amp is not needed...
Left me utterly confused as well...
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