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Great quality materials and surprisingly good sound

A Review On: The House of Marley TTR Destiny

The House of Marley TTR Destiny

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Pros: Surprisingly airy, can be driven by portable devices without dedicated amp

Cons: Noise reduction gives out a low-frequency ambient sound

Great packaging, great build quality. On pair with or even exceeds hifi-phones in the same price range. Makes Bose QuietComfort 15 look lite cheap toy phones in comparison.


The sound is good, I have compared them against my MDR-MA900 and they are not far from them. The Destiny has more base but a little less refined than the 900, I think alot is because the Destiny's is more closed. The MA900 has better separation and vocals is generally better separated. I have used a Apogee Duet 2 when comparing. If I would compare the head phones using only a iPhone it's a completely different story, the Destiny's is driven easily. The sound leakage is low, I read in the other review here that he complained on leakage.... Im guessing he must listen REALY loud. Now to the bad part sound wise... The noise reduction gives away a low-frequency ambient sound, like a small conditioning unit. When the headphones are used in a noisy environment the reduction work pretty well and the ambient sound isn't a issue. But when used in a quiet environment it's somewhat annoying. And no, you can't use the phones with the noise reduction turned off...


Build quality wise the Destiny is in a different league from the MA900. All metal and leather, detachable cables with a premium feel, best packaging I have come across for a pair of head phones.


Update #1:

AmberOzL: I totally agree that it's a big miss. Worst scenario is that you run out of batteries on a long train ride or etc and forgoten to bring new ones. Then you won't be able to listen at all.

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It is a big issue that you can't use them NC turned off. I had a chance to demo them, they were nice. Yes, nothing too serious but they were okay. At least better than many NC headphones.
However I still prefer passive NC with better sound.
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