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A Review On: TFTA-2100-2V1S (1V)

TFTA-2100-2V1S (1V)

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Pros: Great price, excellent sound quality, great frequency response/sound-stage, superb build quality and comfortable too!

Cons: Straight plug, L-R signs are a little hard to see


Design: Sleek and modern design. The cable is of a good quality and length, with a straight plug (I would have liked to have seen an L-shaped one). The L-R signs on the earphones are a little hard to see. The overall look and feel is expensive/quality, yet subtle/discreet.


Build: Superb build quality. The like I have never seen before. These earphones are robust, yet very lightweight. They feel incredibly comfortable in the ear. You often forget that you are even wearing them!


Sound: You will not be disappointed! Pile-driving bass. Very prominent, but tight and dry. Warm and realistic mid-range. Life-like vocals and guitars. Crisp, clean treble. 


Packaging: The packaging is basic and a little on the bland side. However, I understand that this is due to change.


Accessories: The TFTAs come with three different sized pairs of interchangeable tips (I am currently using the smallest sized ones, as the others offered a little bit too much isolation/bass for my personal taste).


Price: Well worth the £99.95 I paid for these. The delivery was lightning-fast (they arrived the next day) and free!

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Nice concise review - I totally agree about the straight line jack and the L/R markings!
Although isolation & build quality could be better.
Although when I hear the sound quality, all of that goes through the window :)
Saying that, the denon 710's weren't all that good in terms of build quality, and yet they were around the same price as the TFTA's - so no complaints there :D!
Glad your enjoying them!
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