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Telefunken TH-140 Quick Review

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Telefunken TH-140 Review

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Pros: Tremendously good sound quality, cheap, great openness.

Cons: Visually interesting, a bit over dramatic and enthusiastic.

Telefunken TH-140 Quick Review


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Thanks to Topdogheadphones for the sample.


Brief:  A new bargain King?


Price:  £35


Specification:      Driver Unit: 10mm speaker, Impedence: 16Ohm +/- 15%, Sound pressure level: 100dB +/- 3 dB at 1kHz, Frequency Response: 20-20,000 Hz, Rated Power Input: 20mW, Maximum Input Power: 60mW


Accessories:  6 pairs of tips (3 thick, 3 thin) and a rather interesting triangular case.


Build Quality:  Seems pretty good, I particularly like the cable which feels very sturdy.  Jack and buds feel good too.


Isolation:  For a dynamic its right at the upper end.  Not at BA levels but I’d be happy using out and about, on a bus and probably even fine for a short flight.  As ever, more than enough to make you road kill if you’re not observant.


Comfort/Fit:  Both are very good.  A tiny bit of driver flex on the right bud but otherwise perfect.  Naturally I wore them up too and got no microphonics either, down you will.


Aesthetics:  These are touted as being “Resin” and they have a marbled cream and brown colour scheme.  Personally I didn’t love its looks and a friend said they looked cheap.  Hey at least you won’t get mugged for them, right?


Sound:  while they may not have nailed their looks they have nailed their sound.  they are frankly stunners.  So much so I had to go double take the price they were supposed to be!  Their sound is a touch on the dramatic; it’s pretty W shaped though so the mids stay super clear too.  The mids are really good, bit dry but soooooo open and clear sounding for something that’s closed, just fantastic detail in them too.  The treble too is super impressive, a touch crispy but so clear and articulate, again superb detail retrieval there.  The bass though is where they shine best I think.  Its rather midbassy but its quantity is pretty big but its quality its top notch.  Really quick and agile and very happy to power out a poppy bass line, fast as you like and with all the impact and power you could want.  And!!!!!!!! That bass doesn’t interfere with the mids, its bang on tuned for exactly what you want for stuff from the Top 40.  It’s got a superbly lively consumer sound with real skill and ability.  Its impressive stuff and its dirt cheap too, what more could you want.


Value:  I think I’ve just answered that.  Its utterly excellent value.


Pro’s:   Tremendously good sound quality, cheap, great openness.


Con’s:  Visually interesting, a bit over dramatic and enthusiastic.


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