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Extraordinary performance of Twinwoofers for a reasonable price point

A Review On: Tekfusion Twinwoofers

Tekfusion Twinwoofers

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Pros: Good noise isolation, Deep bass

Cons: Cable too long


Note: I'm not much of a reviewer, but i had to review these In-Ear Headphones because they are so special to me, and to my collection, so couldn't resist but give you guys some of my views. Hope you like it. Also, if you don't like my review, forgive me for taking your time but i think you won't


Tekfusion Twinwoofers is a brand new player in the world of Acoustics. Note that Tekfusion is an Indian Brand, and that it is a very serious & promising brand as such, and I’ll tell you in a moment the reasons why I would go for Tekfusion Twinwoofers, in comparison to most other IEMs in this price range, and why they have a sonic signature like no other Earphones I’ve heard.

Before I continue, I want to list the earphones I’ve experimented and heard:

1. Sennheiser CX series
2. iBeats
3. Klipsch s4 series
4. Bose IE series
5. Skullcandy Inkd
6. The apple In-Ear phones and Earpods

I will be rating Twinwoofers on a scale of 5, in comparison to others.

Box Contents:

Twinwoofers In-Ear Hedphones
5 pair of Eartips - 3 pair regular S/M/L, and 2 pair Tripple flange – M/L
Clip & Cable Slider
Carry Pouch

Technical details (copied from tekfusiontechnologies.com):

Frequency Response : 19-21 KHz
Impedance : 16 Ohms
Pressure Level : 113 dB
Net Weight : 30g (1.06Oz)
Color : Black Chrome
Cable Length : 1.1m
Cable Type : Symmetric
1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty


Okay, once you unbox a pair of these, the very first thing you’ll notice is their weight. They are not as heavy as claimed. They are pretty light-weight but pretty tough. They are fully metal made, and have partial gloss and partial matte finish – a thing of beauty . They are absolutely beautiful and well crafted. It is absolutely true; that they look breath taking.

Below each earpiece is a strain relief that separates the drivers from their cables. This protects them from breaking at the joints I guess. The Y splitter is compact, and surprisingly small in size. There is a cable slider and clip you can use from this point. Great stuff

Coming to the plug – they have 3.5mm gold coated connector, and the plug is not right angled. This may be a red flag for the right angle plug lovers
The cable is all rubber, and not tangle free which could a concern for some, but with me, the sound is more of a reason why I chose these. Anyway, the cable is pretty high quality when you feel it with your hands, you can very easily tell.

Build Quality Rating: 4.5/5

Cons for build quality - Non-tangle free cable & Non-right angle plug



The silicon eartips provided are extremely comforting to the ear canals, and you can keep listening for hours without noticing something is in your ears. I personally find the smallest pairs of eartips my best pet. I would say I don’t use the others at all, mostly because I’m not used to triple flange, because they have to be deeply inserted and I find this uncomfortable. So, with enough eartips, you get definitely get some that fits you best! So, you get to choose from 5 pairs, which is pretty great.

Wearing comfort

I would say there is something special about their housing. If you note well, their hourglass shape and body is built to rest at the endings of your ears, and this makes them pretty good for medium to large ears, rather than extremely small ears. So if your ears are too small, these aren’t designed for you! Haha just kidding! My sister has small ears but she finds them comforting.

Here’s a tip that will allow you to freely move your head while listening: They come with a handy clip that you can attach to your shirt or top, closer to your head. You can also manage the cable easily with slider.

Noise Isolation

Someone on Flipkart gave these earphones a 3/10 because there is an extremely good cancellation of noise that he was confused what to do! Well, I couldn’t describe noise isolation in any other way hehe. Very good noise cancellation. You can easily get away with noises such as heavy traffic and flight noise.

Comfort Rating: 5/5


The biggest and most probably the only reason why I bought these is because of their sound signature. I personally proof tested the already burned earphones at a physical store before I purchased them, just to ensure I’m getting it right! Here’s how I would describe them in one sentence:
“Impactful and boomey bass with exceptional sound clarity”

With the above said, which most of you may not get, here are the full details:

Highs – Highs are very clear. Now “very” doesn’t mean 100% accurate, because there are no earphones that can produce 100% accurate highs (maybe JHA which I heard once from my friend). I would give it a 90% accuracy. Bose IE2 In my opinion would be 95% and Klipsch s4 94%

Mids – Mids are excellent but not outstanding. If you know what I mean. 93% for Twinwoofers, 96% for Klipsch s4, 85% for Bose IE2 – Again, this is my opinion

Bass – Bass is outstanding but not spectacular. 96% for Twinwoofers, 94% for Klipsch, and 96% for bose Ie2. Remember at this point I’m not comparing things like skullcandy and sennheiser (i.e. earphones that fall in this price range) because they don’t simply match the bass of Twinwoofers – Again, this is my opinion. If you hear someone saying that Twinwoofers don’t have bass, it means they have never heard anything before, at least not high end IEMs, and most probably because they haven’t burn-them-in.
I will further describe bass as decent, smooth, clear and accurate rather than harsh, overpowering and muddy. So bass is good, and there’s plenty of it to enjoy the boominess of a Hip Hop Track!

Sound Rating: 4.5/5

Con on sound quality:

Could’ve been slightly better on the Highs/Mids separation, but can’t complain much because of the brilliant price point.


The above ratings are based on mp3 vbr and 192kbps. If you go beyond 320kbps, the ratings above will all change.
Without a good burn-in period of 50-60 hours, you simply won’t get their signature right, so at this point I have to warn the laymen out there before they conclude on their sound.

To burn-in, I use two burn-in players - one created by Tekfusion which can be found in their burn-in guide


And the other one by JLABS audio, which you can found in their website


- Bass will not be punchy at first, until you burn in for at least 50 hours
This may be a big problem for those who are not patient! So, just keep listening to all your music, for 4-5 hours in a cycle, and i think you'll have burn-in properly

- If you are using a low-end music player, like transcend mp3 players, or a zebronics, then these babies are not for you, you will start blaming them while you should be blaming your player, because no IEM will sound good with a bad player. This is just to let you be aware of what you should choose for your playback. I would recommend players such as Cowon and Ipod, or even Walkman, rather than other low quality stuff.


1. Get Low - Lil Jon & the East Side Boyz
2. Beat Dominator - Bass Can You Hear Me


High quality audio – With flac music or VBR mp3, you can get a rough clue on their soundstage, which I won’t discuss at this point, as I haven’t burn them in for 100 hours

Smartphones with Equalizer enabled – At flat you won’t reveal their full performance, but will tell you the excellence of their vocals and how good they are probably at separating the mids from highs.


• Hip Hop
• Trance
• House
• Electro
• Rock/Metal
• Pop
• Jazz
• Indian and Asian music – I guess I’m not the only one here who love some hindi!


If you like very crystal clear sound, and Bass that is full of impact, and bass that is free of distortion, noise, and mud, and if you like listening to all sorts of music, with great accuracy, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND them to you.

For me, this was a best buy under INR 1500/-


Hope you guys like my review. Please reply to me, if you got any question.

1 Comment:

I am puzzled on "If you go beyond 320kbps, the ratings above will all change."
So, in your opinion, what are the ratings at 320kbps and what are the ratings for lossless ?

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