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Underwhelming- muffled bass, mediocre mids and higher end

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Tekfusion Twinwoofers

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biter snake
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Pros: Accessories, cheap (depends on where you buy)

Cons: ordinary sq. Chinese brands like sondmagic have better offerings at this price point

for iems that are marketed as bass giants (Twinwoofers?!), the entire lower end of the spectrum is extremely poor and the bass lack any punch and pace whatsoever. The overall sound is quite boring which is particularly disappointing considering that they are far from being neutral and flat across the spectrum. I compared them with my old Soundmagic E30s (a fair comparison as they cost roughly the same)- while the E30 is quite blatantly coloured in its sound signature, the crunchy mids and surprisingly controlled bass make them an easy choice over these rather uncomfortable, heavy and oddly shaped earphones which offer absolutely nothing special.


can i know the burn in period u spent before posting the review, because many reviews out there suggest minimum burn in period of 100hrs for this iem for its best output.. I am interested in buying these buds can u suggest me..
Currently i am using sony mdr ex 82..
Personally, I am not much of an advocate for burning-in a pair of earphones and feel the perceived change in sound is just that- perceived or psychological. While the drivers will certainly open up and become able to make greater excursions after burning in, I think that'll only make things worse for the Twinwoofers; as the bass, which already lacks any shape, will become more bloated and boring.
As i wrote in the review, for a similar price, soundmagic e30s will offer a noticeably superior sound and are definitely worth considering as an alternative (particularly if you are in India)- flipkart, theITdepot.com and ebay can surely help...
thanks for ur advice, can u suggest me any iems in the range of rs.2000 which are neutral sounding, with a bit of emphasis on sub bass and with decent soundstage..
I am unaware of iems that can offer the boom you are looking for. Plus, that wouldn't really render their sound very "natural" as desired by you.
Unless you are willing to pay a hefty sum for having earphones shipped into India, I suggest you check out the soundmagic PL30s and E30s. Soundmagic have dealers in India so you will not be paying any duties etc. The E30s seem to have undergone a hike in price recently but I am sure you can source a pair of the PL30s for a sum well within your budget.
As for the sound, though i havent used my pl30s in very long, they were my preferred earphones around 3 years back and a good stating point while you save for a better set. They;re reviewed on this site, so you should check that out,..
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