Teclast T51

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Teclast T51

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Pros: Sound, Sound , Sound

Cons: Everything Else!

If you want a DAP for the best sound quality and value look nowhere. 


"Cons: Everything Else!"
Pretty accurate :p

The UI rating should be 1 star at best, though.

I agree that theres nothing in its price range that has better SQ - the HM-601 is probably the next level player, but costs about twice as much.
Do't forget twice the thickness, you are right about the UI
Indeed, and I'm crazy scared of dropping my 601 because it looks like it might just break (due to its form factor).
oops, you got me! Indeed
The Teclast T51 synergies better than the HM-601 with my Favorite amp, the TTVJ Slim, but Rockbox on HM-601 will shift the balance, we should wait and see.