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Teac UD-501

100% Positive Reviews
Rated #104 in DACs


Pros: excellent dac

Cons: no preamp function

I am surprised that there were no reviews of this dac on head-fi. So let me be the first.

  I have had this dac for over a year now and it has blossomed into a very good dac in my desk top setting. I am using a pair of emotiva airmotiv 5s monitors and the set up is sounding pretty impressive for monitors of their size. It has taken awhile to get the most out of my set up. I have settled on interconnects and power cords . I am using balanced nordost heimdall v1 interconnects to my powered emotiva airmotiv 5 monitors and emotiva power cords on the airmotiv 5s. On the teac ud-501 dac I am using a nordost brahma power cord .

   The teac ud-501 has turned out to be a excellent performer. The sound is very dynamic and tight sounding. There  is ample weight in the presentation with good clarity as well. The headphone amp sounds very good as well with my akg 701s with good clarity and decent detail reproduction. You will definitely not be bored with its presentation .

   The only negative is that the teac ud-501 does not have any preamp function ability. I have had to rely on the volume control on my emotiva desk top monitors . If it had a preamp function the ud-501 would be pretty much a perfect desk top solution . It would have been interesting if it had single ended and balanced preamp outputs . But as it stands I have little to complain  about this excellent dac.

Teac UD-501

Digital to analogue converter with USB, 2xOptical and 2xCoaxial inputs RCA and XLR outputs Tenor 8802 USB high-speed input from PC or Mac 32-bit/192kHz dual Burr Brown D/A converters Supports asynchronous transfer mode Toroidal transformer 192kHz upconversion Dedicated headphone amplifier section with volume control Aluminium front panel

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