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TDK EB750 Headphones

100% Positive Reviews
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Pros: Crisp highs, deep bass, bass impact, accurate mids, looks amazing, price,

Cons: fragile, bass can kinda be boomy

 These IEMs have an MRSP of $40. For that price they are not worth it. However, in many discount places, especially in Canada, you may find these @ $15 or less. If you find them for this price, grab them. I personally paid $10. 

Sound is great for the price. They look very rugged and feel solid, I believe they are made from aluminum. The cord is also tangle free and feels very nice. Despite this they aren't the most hardy, they started falling apart and then stopped working a few months into use. And I was not harsh with them. The comfort is average, isolation is great. They include a small carrying case.

Overall, they're great budget IEMs for using in the gym or while being active. Just don't expect em to last forever.

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TDK EB750 Headphones

TDK EB 750 Headphones The EB-750's are an all Aluminium housed earphone with rich sound production offering you the best direct-to-ear acoustics with some mega bass-boost for that little something extra. Comfortable noise reducing silicone sleeves in three sizes to suit everyone. Aluminium braided cable stays tangle free. Storage pouch protects the earphones when not in use. Fantastic earphones for jazz and classical music listeners. Features Aluminium housing for strength and durability Rich acoustic sound production Three noise reduction silicon sleeves Direct-to-ear design Storage pouch included

FeatureTDK EB750 Headphones
LabelTDK Media
ManufacturerTDK Media
PublisherTDK Media
StudioTDK Media
TitleTDK EB750 Headphones
CatalogNumberList - CatalogNumberListElementt78691
Item Weight0.18 pounds
Package Height1.73 inches
Package Length6.77 inches
Package Weight0.18 pounds
Package Width4.17 inches
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