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Balanced and a great price

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Pros: Affordable quality, balanced sound

Cons: Highest treble a little recessed

The BA200 is an exceptional value.  The basic sound signature is relatively flat and a slightly recessed high end.  The bass is very capable for a BA headphone.  While not 'loud' bass, it is fairly neutral and extends decently low.  The mids are very even and smooth in the frequency spectrum.  The highs are very accurate as well, albeit a little recessed in the highest regions.


Details and clarity are very good for the price.  Although they lack really good airy-ness, they still preset details very clearly and distinctly.  The stereo width and soundstage are very good for the price as well.  Instrument separation is great and everything is easy to hear in all styles of music.  For me personally, the lack of the highest treble can make certain music sound like it is missing its high "edge" or crispness, but compared to other sets this is fairly minimal.


Some people call them warm, but I would describe them as fairly well balanced with slightly recessed highs at the highest end.  For the price I'm not sure you can do much better.  These outperformed most sets in the fact that they have no major flaws like some others.  They have no large troughs or boughs in the frequency response, no sibilance and issues to really complain about.


Build quality is very good.  Flat cables still tangle a decent amount, but seem relatively durable.  Armatures are comfortable in the ear as well.  The cables seem a bit heavy with the extension and circuit in the middle, but once used to this it doesn't really pose any problems.


Check out my video review for a more visual look at them as well:



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