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BA200 - One of the best under $300

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Techno Kid
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Pros: Comfort, Great Mids, Smooth Highs, Good Bass & Very Spacious Soundstage

Cons: Flat Cable, Large Y-Spliter


Price - $150 on ebay




Drivers - Dual Balanced Armature

Frequency Response - 20Hz - 20kHz

Impedance - 35 ohms

Sensitivity - 121 @ 1kHz

Isolation - 26dB

Cord Length - 52 cm (plus 75cm extension)



Build Quality / Fit,


The build quality of the BA200 is very nice.  It has the first flat cable that I like and the cable feels nice and strong.  You get an extension cable because for some reason they made the cable very short and I have no clue why because its unusable but with the extension its the perfect length imo.  The driver housing is plastic and feel strong and the Y-splitter is a tank and even though its big (because it has circuitry in it that helps the BA200 sound good with different sources) doesn't bother me at all.  They use a straight plug which I like more than the L shaped now because when in my pocket it doesn't bend.  So all in all I feel the BA200 is a very well built IEM.


As for the fit there's no problem in that department either.  At first the cable over the ears wasn't staying put but after you wear them for awhile they form to the ear much better and I have no problems now.  With any of the tips they feel comfortable but with the Comply they're really comfortable and isolation is very good.  Like the build quality fit is also good.



Sound Quality,


Bass - Before I got them there was mixed reviews I read about the bass, some said they had plenty while others said a little bass light.  Now there not going to wow a basshead but I think they do have plenty of bass with really good impact for a BA and nice depth as well.  I like the texture and detail of the bass also and for me at least there's plenty for music like hip hop and edm.  When amp with something like the E11 on EQ1 or 2 the bass has very good impact and it bring out more depth as well and over all they respond well to amp'ing.


Mids - This is the sweet spot of the sound signature with lush smooth sounding mids.  I don't know if I'd call them mid-centric because they don't sound as forward as even the e-Q5 but vocals present very nicely as well do all the other midrange sounds.  They portray some distance but it also isolates vocals very well so they can sound mid-centric at times but other times they sound more like a nicely balanced monitor.  I really like the mids on the BA200 and they're one of my favorite midranges I've heard.


Highs - Going along with the over all smooth signature of the IEM the highs are also very some but they still sound crisp with good sparkle more so than the RE262.  Cymbals and high hats sound good and female vocals never sound sibilant or harsh.  These are one of the first IEM's that I can listen to at a lower volume and still get nice sounding treble without have to go up high on the volume like with some other warmer IEM's.


Soundstage - Another strong point of the signature is the soundstage with good width and depth along with a good portrayal of height.  The soundstage is a lot like the one on the e-Q5 which is also very spacious sounding.  The separation is very good and you can pick out every instrument and sound in a track easily.  Imaging is also very good, well really its one of the best I've heard out of the over 30 IEM's I've had so far.  I love the presentation of the BA200 because its a mixture of the e-Q5 and RE262's soundstage which are 2 of my favorites.


Conclusion - The TDK BA200 is easily one of the best IEM's under $300 because of its smooth detailed sound and spacious presentation and anyone looking for that type of sound should have the BA200 on their short list for sure.  At around $150 now and available in the US its one of the best bang-for-buck IEM's you can get and is one of my top 2 or 3 that I've heard.


Rating - 9.35 / 9.4


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