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bad build quality good value

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Audio Quality
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Pros: Sound

Cons: Build quality

just trying to be breif and helpful my cable broke in less than 3 months and the god damn thing tangles worse than ipod cables...

the balanced armatures are really clear and give punchy kick drums however if you listen to any edm or hip hop and basically any bass heavy music and you value bass quantity at all, you're gonna have to eq the **** out of the these to get good results. Luckily they respons fantastically to eq and sound amazing but it also makes them a little more muddy (without eq the bass is anemic as ****)... 

i don't get all the hype the sq is about as good as you can expect from 100$ iems


after getting these i got the shure se215 because the cable broke on my tdk after only 3 months... the shure is miles better and doesn't need to be imported (afaik available worldwide) has way better build quality (same as shures 500$ model the se535) also the bass is far more audible some may call a little muddy but you get used to it afaik the shure has a larger sound stage (the sound surrounds you more) and a larger quantity and less anemic but slightly muddier bass and similar instrument separation capabilities also treble quality is miles ahead in the shure imo... maybe im biased towards shures sound signature but after trying the shure imo the tdk is awful and i want to steer people in a better direction 


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