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TDK BA200 Reviews

Positive Reviews


Awesome IEM for the price!


Pros: BA200. Smooth, buttery bass, mids, treble...warm sound...comfort...value...great detail...

Cons: BA200. Y-split is huge and snags easy...flat cable...straight plug...accessories...

TDK IE800 VS. BA200   IE800 $40-90 (Discontinued by manufacturer) BA200  $55-120 (Discontinued by manufacturer) (on Head-fi, Ebay, and Amazon)  Some have even found these at Ross and TJ Maxx for $10-20.   Packaging: Pretty much the same packaging for both IEM’s.  If both packages were side-by-side, you’d probably have to read the labels pretty carefully to tell the difference.  The packaging is black with gold accents in a small, cardboard box with every language known to man on the box.  The box is busy, in my opinion, and the only thing that is clear is the TDK label.  There is also a clear, plastic cover that you can view the IEM’s...
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Negative Reviews


bad build quality good value


Pros: Sound

Cons: Build quality

Good sound, terrible build quality  cable broke in 3 months; do not buy used or from a shady vendor   shure se215 better alternative for long lasting iem at 100$ or re400 if you want to risk cheap build for better sound   sound: typical ba sound anemic bass but present with fast and detailed treble mids sound okay... Female vocals sound good on this responds to eq really good (boosting bass does not seem to ruin the entire fq range that much)

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best bang for the buck +/- 100 bucks iem


Pros: good soundstage very nice good fitting iem.

Cons: build quality decent

Own them for a while now really love them! bought a couple comply foam tips which are more comfortable then the stock ones. the stock ones are decent i liked the triple flang ones but comply foam tips are simply better. their soundstage amazes me still a benchmark for me when comparing to other iem/ciems. they are very neutral warm sounding iem's bass is off course less powerful then dynamic driven iem. flat cable do reduce tangling which is really good.   afther a while the golding rings just popped off and couldn't be popped back so I cut them out.   the extension cable broke after a while,  i contacted TKD and they wouldn't provide any help and they said i had...
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Very good performer


Pros: Neutral sound without peak/dips. Detail, Clarity, Sound...

Cons: Cable? Deep insertion?


Balanced and a great price


Pros: Affordable quality, balanced sound

Cons: Highest treble a little recessed

The BA200 is an exceptional value.  The basic sound signature is relatively flat and a slightly recessed high end.  The bass is very capable for a BA headphone.  While not 'loud' bass, it is fairly neutral and extends decently low.  The mids are very even and smooth in the frequency spectrum.  The highs are very accurate as well, albeit a little recessed in the highest regions.   Details and clarity are very good for the price.  Although they lack really good airy-ness, they still preset details very clearly and distinctly.  The stereo width and soundstage are very good for the price as well.  Instrument separation is great and everything...
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Techno Kid

BA200 - One of the best under $300


Pros: Comfort, Great Mids, Smooth Highs, Good Bass & Very Spacious Soundstage

Cons: Flat Cable, Large Y-Spliter

  Price - $150 on ebay   Specs,   Drivers - Dual Balanced Armature Frequency Response - 20Hz - 20kHz Impedance - 35 ohms Sensitivity - 121 @ 1kHz Isolation - 26dB Cord Length - 52 cm (plus 75cm extension)     Build Quality / Fit,   The build quality of the BA200 is very nice.  It has the first flat cable that I like and the cable feels nice and strong.  You get an extension cable because for some reason they made the cable very short and I have no clue why because its unusable but with the extension its the perfect length imo.  The driver housing is plastic and feel strong and the Y-splitter is a tank and even...
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TDK BA-200


Pros: Good Bass for BAs, Large Soundstage, Very Laid Casual Treble, Lots of Accessories

Cons: Flat Cable can get annoying at times, Cable either to long or too short

Overall the sound is great! The only problem I have is the bulid design.... The flat cable seems to coil around while even just walking. Another problem I have is the cable length, you would have a choice of having the cable either awkwardly long or awkwardly short.Other than that, these are my favourite iem out there now!!



Pros: Monitor-esque sound, but with enough dynamism to get you off your feet ; Deep, enveloping, three-dimensional soundstage; Smooth, relaxing

Cons: Slightly laid back treble may not be suitable for some; YMMV with flat cables and cord extension; Availability (or lack thereof)

  For those into photography, all my photos are taken with an ancient (by digital camera standards) c. 2006 Canon PowerShot S3 IS. It only has a 1/2.4” CCD sensor and has an 36-432mm (35mm equivalent) lens, so dynamic range isn’t great and high contrast edges are very prone to color fringing, but it does have a 0 cm Super Macro mode, so that’s why I shoot with it. Unfortunately, I do not have a macro lens for my 40D, nor do I have any desire to purchase one.   BACK TO BLACK It seems like every manufacturer wants a piece of the headphone market these days. Blame the iPod perhaps, for putting a digital music player in the hands of every man, woman, and child. Then blame Dr. Dre, whose...
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