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Takstar TS-671

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Pros: Gigantic soundstage, crystal clear treble, detailed, airy sound, comfort, extreme value for the small price

Cons: Bulky as hell, needs a warm amp to sound right, not for bassheads

I bought my pair as used, so I have no idea how long burn-in period is needed. These are almost fully open cans with an enormous soundstage - even the Sennheiser HD-650 cannot beat the Takstar in this aspect. There is not much bass, but the bass quality is very nice, tight and controlled. The midrange is greatly detailed, but the real magic is the crystal clear, sparkling treble. Acoustic instruments, guitars, violins, piano, drums and cymbals are a real pleasure to listen to. These neutral to bright sounding cans are not for bassheads for sure, and they greatly benefit paired with a warm, dark sounding DAC/AMP. I used mine with a FiiO E10 (bass extension ON) and a Pioneer PD-DM802 CD-player. The impedance is 120 ohm, but the TS-671 is a very sensitive device, so amping is not necessary. The comfort is great, the pads are from velour, the clamping force is not strong at all, so good for long listening periods. I think I never saw a headphone so big like this, quite silly looking, but at home who cares? :) The overall value is extreme, the TS-671 easily beats headphones that cost 5x of its price.

So if you want quality sound for home listening for only 50-60 bucks, stop searching and buy it. You won't regret it. :beyersmile: 


Pros: Sound quality, really wide sounding,comfort

Cons: Not bass monsters if thats a con,leak sound,dont shut off outside sound

These headphones have really high sq for the price in my view,wide sound stage,crystal clear treble ,not too much bass which i like,huge ear cups with velour pads which are quite comfortable,on my head i look like cyber man but i dont care sitting at home, coiled cable with 3.5mm adapter.

paired these up with Creative sb z which powers them easily,these phones seem to react well to studio pros sliders, bass boost in particular,i say this because other headphones i have dont seem to sound much different putting up the bass but these do.

I have some other headphones and i love them all,all have different qualities ,Kingston hyper x,cals,Takstar hi2050 and these Takstar ts 671,the 671s are my favourite for music and pc gaming. 


Pros: excellent price to performance, huge soundstage, excellent comfort, excellent clarity and detil, sounds really good with tube amp

Cons: light bass, very ugly and bulky

This maybe the best over-ear headphone for those who don't need thumping bass.

Bass is very light and tight. Midrange is very clear, vocal will be really sweet if paired with tube amp. High is very detailed and airy, sometimes a bit sharp.

Soundstage extremely huge, maybe the biggest soundstage for $60 headphone


Pros: Sparkly clear treble, Good sub-bass response for open cans, Soundstage & positioning, Excellent balance during layered mixes, Amazing value

Cons: Recessed midbass (probably to widen the soundstage), Cheap materials (duh)

First of all, you may not realize how huge these things are. They are massive. How big? Well... Roughly the same size as the K7** series from AKG. But without the small "nub" that can be found in the AKG design -- instead the driver enclosure extends back roughly an inch. I can almost guarantee a "holy crap" moment when you unbox them.


Audio Chain & Other HPs:


ODAC + Objective 2 (1/4 jack, rear mounted power, 1x gain) > TS-671, K7XX, ATH-TAD400




The clamping force is pretty tight at first, but it loosens to a comfy hug over time. You can always stretch 'em if you're in a rush. The velour pads are pretty comfortable. Not top of the line, but more than adequate. The cups swivel to fit. The cable isn't removable, but I don't consider that a problem at this price point. The 1/4 jack is a nice touch. Less crosstalk never hurts.


<-- Ratings:


Note that I set audio quality, comfort, and design a bit lower than what is displayed. This is a glitch that hasn't been fixed for years... Fix your crap, Head-Fi.


Materials & Electrical:


Well.. They're cheap. Don't discount fit or build issues. My pair has an overly tight swivel joint, but it's still usable. Just don't beat up on them too much. I think the first failure point will be the elastic in the headband.


These don't act like 120 ohm headphones on the gain knob -- if I were guessing I'd put them around 80. -shrugs-




The selling point on these is their balance in heavy mixes -- they're my favorite all 'rounder. I sold my other headphones; these are what I'll use until I get some HD600s or Hifimans.


Unlike most headphones, which emphasize or drown out certain parts of a mix, these seem to allow perception of all tracks at once. I doubt they are flat F.R. headphones, but some sort of magic is at work in the sound signature. I'm pretty sure the midbass is recessed, but I find that satisfactory when listening to most consumer oriented audio because it emphasizes midbass. The midbass that they possess feels pretty tight too.


They're only detailed in the treble. Mids and bass aren't muddy, but they aren't "detail monster" grade. Every now and then during burn in/ear adjustment/pad adjustment they would sound hollow (like someone humming music in a public restroom) but that went away -- it turned into more of a concert hall sound. Visualizing my place in the hall puts me in the center of the second or third row.


Treble is sparkly and clean. I love it. Great with guitars.


Mids are warm-average and improve with break in.


Mid-bass is passable, but sub-bass is right where I want it. Good stuff -- especially for an open air set. There is a lot of punch, but not gobs of volume. I can hear the bass in Metallica's "...And Justice for All," which is astounding.


Soundstage is great. So is separation. I am particularly fond of where the vocalist is placed -- close enough to feel intimate, but far enough to sound like the singer isn't right in front of your face.


They leak sound like crazy. If you need desktop speakers in a pinch, hook these up and crank them.




Blah blah great for the price blah blah. You've heard it all before. I won't bother hyping them. They're cheap enough to try without crying over if you hate them, so buy a pair.


Pros: huge soundstage, good treble, clean, tight bass, mid oke

Cons: bulky,

All I can say is, this headphone is the best,
yes, you can choose another good headphone at this price point, but you can't beat this headphone even single scratch,,

this sound tipe headphone is on level 200 dolar price range.. I have sennheiser momentum.. and takstar ts-671 sound better ( for my taste) 
sennheiser momentum is good, but I love takstar ts-671 more.. 
I dont know how to say, but I can enjoy huge soundstage on ts-671.

it will play rock music even better.  maybe because off little bass ( not dissapear, but it there ).

what I dont like is, headphone design itself.. boring.. but you can mod it if you want. 

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Takstar TS-671

• Large diameter and high impedance driver ensuring optimum sound  reproduction • Full-open design provides natural, well-balanced sound • Wide dynamic range and high sound quality meet the demands of  audiophile listeners • Circumaural design for long time wearing comfort

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