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Takstar 2050


Pros: Clear mids,highs and punchy bass,comfort,soundstage

Cons: At 40$ nothing

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Before i first used Takstar Hi 2050 headphone i thought as the price increases the audio quality also increases.In my earlier review of ATH M40 X headphone i praised it for it's amazing soundquality and said you can't get a better headphone under 100$ and boy,i was wrong the Takstar headphone simply blows them away in comfort,audio quality,soundstage and the fact that it is 60$ less than ATH M40X makes me think why on earth are we paying more than 100$ on a headphone.

Read below to know more about this headphone.



Comfort&Build Quality

Let me start by saying i have never even imagined getting a headphone for 40$ that has better audio quality and comfort than even half of the 200$ headphones out there.So first the comfort,this headphone is a open headphone,meaning if you live in a noisy environment like near a railway track or your family is a loud one obviously this headphone is not for you,better to buy a closed headphone in that type of environment.But if you are like me and have access to a silent environment you are in for a treat.Most of the headphone i owned even ATH M40x,i felt the need to mod the ear cushions because it got uncomfortable in just a hour but in this headphone ear cushions are so comfortable you can use it for hours without any discomfort at all.Ear cushions are made of a material you will find in old sofas it may not look good but it's so comfortable that you don't feel like taking these headphones off even if there is no music playing.

Build quality is also a as good or even better than M40x there is actual metal in this headphone on this headphone like that of Beyerdynamic dt  770,it looks so much alike that you wonder if you see it from far you may mistake it for a dt 770.I don't have any complaints in the build department.Overall for 40$ it has blown me away.




This is the best part of this headphone,there is only a few products that made me think they are selling for a loss one is lepai amp which is just amazing piece of equipment i can't live without then there is this headphone,with my schiit modi DAC and fiio amp the sound is simply mindblowing.Fiio amp slightly limits the soundstage of this headphone after i get the amp smsl sapII headphone amplifier i ordered i can test this headphone to it's full potential,not that there is anything wrong with fiio.The sound is detailed with amazing mids,good treble,bass is also punchy,wide soundstage,A video reviewer in youtube said the sound is as good as the 200$ headphone i can't say that for a fact because i don't own any headphone above 100$.


Music test

All music played with Jriver with Wasapi

Ludovico Einaudi Divenire(Flac),Una Mattina-Both the songs bring out the best of this headphone which help to really appreciate the talent of Einaudi.Divenite is spectacular with each piano note clearly heard and the instrument seperation is simply unheard at the price.The sound is roughly equal to that of heard from M Audio BX5 D2 studio monitors.


The Cranberries-Zombies,Linger,Dreams(Flac)-You already know what i am going to say this headphone really bring out female vocalists without any loss in detail,i just intended to play only the Zombies for the audio test but then i played one more song then ended up playing the entire album which i wouldn't have done if i was testing in ATH M40X.


Lacuna Coil-Our Truth(Flac)-One area where most bands fail are with metal songs,if you are testing a new headphone in a shop just play some metal songs and you will immediately know if you want it or not.And if you tested this headphone along with couple of headphones that cost 200$,with your eyes closed and played this song.I bet that you won't be able to recognize the cheaper one and yeah it is that good.Bass is the only region that could have been punchier,but if the bass is more then the highs and mids might suffer which is not a good thing.

Gaming and Movies

Playing Dead Space 2 with this headphone was a terrifying and thrilling experience,this headphone create a surround sound experience that you constantly turn around to see if there is one of that things behind you.This headphone really helps to bring out all the sound effects in the game that literally makes you jump out of your seat something  ATH M40x wasn't been able to do.Attach a mod mic to this headphone and voila,you got a gaming headphone better than 300$ gaming headphones out there.


I watched Predestination and Begin Again movie,both of them are soundtrack heavy movies and was a fantastic experience.



So far i haven't been able to find one single thing wrong with this headphone which means it is the new value for money leader out there.For 20 dollar more i heard you can get a monitor version of Takkstar that apparently sounds better,please let me know how it sound if you happen to buy them.

Thank god for Chinese,if it wasn't for them we wouldn't be using these amazing amplifiers and headphones at prices that we spend on a dinner in a restaurant.They could have price them at 100$ for these headphone and i still would have given all the praise,selling these at 40$ show that the people who made this headphone actually care that we get best performance for our money,that alone make me buy this headphone again if by any chance my current one broke.




Takstar 2050

• Full-bodied bass, well-balanced mids and highs • Adjustable headband for different head shape • Exquisite and durable aluminum structure • Soft velour ear pads for comfortable wearing • Stylish stainless steel ear cup design • OFC, 2.2m single-side cable with 1.8m extension cable for multiple  application

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