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T-PEOS H300: amazing, and great value.... but....treble spike. and cable noise on mic cable.

A Review On: T-Peos H-300 - 3 Way Hybrid

T-Peos H-300 - 3 Way Hybrid

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Pros: Amazing low end clarity and punch, replaceable cable+mic cable, monitor like mids detail, extended and clear highs. versatile. isolation and comfort

Cons: 7-8-9k peak, relatively dry mids, mid-bass impact less than h200, no chin guard on remote cable, cable noise on remote cable. isolation and comfort

First off, I'd like to thank Sunggoo from T-PEOS for making the tour possible and H20Fidelity for running the australian tour wink.gif .

I'll skip the company history and packaging section that @H20Fidelity,@jonyoo have covered very well.
I do agree T-PEOS have come a long way and as always look forward to hearing their future products. I wasn't a big fan of H100, but liked H200 enough after EQing.
Likewise - you can find the presale link in the H300 sponsor thread wink.gif

Please refer to the FR chart if you want

You can find some pictures of H200,H300 and some other IEMs here

The build does feel premium compared to the H200. it looks like as per the brochure, http://moby1.cafe24.com/web/upload/h-300_final_en.jpg the markings are all laser etched (nb fr chart there is not the final one as per above). On h200 they were painted and the paint rubbed off to the housing body.
For H300, I'm a bit sceptical about the the overall body build quality, as I'm the first tour member, and it already has slight markings on the painted (polished alu?)looking bits (small dents and scratches). I'm curious what they'll look like @ end of tour in 10+ weeks.
While the look is nice and understated and suggests high quality, it's not on part with Dita the answer's milled alu housing.

I do like the tip selection, although there could be more DF/TF, and different foam ones.
Likewise - I'm a very big fan of the replaceable cable and remote cable being included.

It's a huge thing to be able to use your Ipod or android phone as a source without taking it out of your pocket, at least for me.
I do like the ergonomics on the multicolored cable, however for the remote cable I get too much cable noise.
A person in the appreciation thread asked if he'd run with it. I wouldn't with the black mic cable (you can hear it when walking).
Maybe T-PEOS should have kept it a clothed cable like with H200 mic remote cable.
Not a huge fan of the color selection on the multicolored cable without the remote either.

Wearing H300 over the ear makes it a bit better but the right one refuses to sit in my ear when worn that way. (I not the least it moves it a bit away from your clothes, but if you wear a jacket, you're not going to like the cable from the ysplit bumping the collar) . When worn over the ear, a sharp feeling part cuts into my left ear.

While on the subject of cables, I like the round IEM side plugs more, but I don't think the stem needed to be any longer as it makes wearing them over the ear even more problematic for me.
I also don't like the cables not staying flush in the IEM housing. for me they slide out slightly all the time. I don't know why.

Overall the comfort is ok and isolation is 'decent' (but I liked DN-1000 better in both respects, even h200 more when worn down, but you guys probably won't all like the h200 oval ridge). I have no trouble getting a seal with large enough silicon tips.
Couldn't use their foam ones but the comply Tx500 fit it well.

Overall sound
V-shaped, with a monitor type quality to the mids, amazing sub-bass and bass focused (less mid-bass impact than usual) and a lot of treble in the 7-10k area.
I'd recommend eqing down treble at 8khz by 4db at q=1.5. Comply tips alone don't fix it for me.
After EQing, for me they become a lot more ultra-clear-but-present-bass-monitor-like overall
As H20Fidelity remarked, they sound a lot like FA DBA-02 would with a very nice dynamic driver (DD) attached. I do agree with that having owned DBA-02v1 and v2.

If you followed the H300 thread you will have seen the prototype having rolled-off extension but not that peaked overall treble. People were unhappy.
I think T-PEOS had to bump it up to compensate as per the FR chart they gave us. I probably agree it was the right decision but it comes at a price.

If you listen to a lot music where there is already a lot of 7-10k (not like on 'The Answer', with some tips, where there's controlled extra bite there, the but 'excess treble shelf' kind)
e.g. on certain modern rap, or maybe dance/trance/pop AND definitely much of metal it will become a problem on a few songs.
That peak will shift depending on the insertion depth, for me it lands at about 8k (if you have a player where you can vary, q,c,dB e.g. rockbox , give it a go).

A member in the thread remarked it's nearly fixed with comply tips. for me - it's not . by far.

The good news is - if you have a player with a treble tone control or good user EQ, you can fix it. For rockbox advanced eq for 8khz by 4db at q=1.5. fixed it very well for me. I lent H300 for half a day to a work colleague, who used the treble control on ipod nano quite well too.

After eqing it down I think it sounds extended, bright enough and detailed smily_headphones1.gif (I do like it more than H200 that also had 'an interesting 9k peak, or DN1000, that's borderline too bright without EQ for me)

As many have remarked, the mids are a bit 'monitor like'. Not lush and forward. At the same time the clarity is phenomenal. Both male and female vocal sounds exceedingly realistic on these.
You can also feel the slight upper mids biased tilt, but I don't think it's a bad idea to tune it that way
The lower mids certainly feel less forward than on DN1000 or H-200, the upper mids feel less forward than DN1000, but more forward than H200 (h200 had that giant cross-over related dip there).

Would I necessarily want more forward mids on H300, - I wouldn't say so, I think this mids tuning flavour with have its fans.
(and yes, the mids wipe the floor with d1000 and h200)

This is my favourite bit.
H200 had a lot of impact in the sub-bass and sounded rather nice and full there. (the funny thing is - without comparing to H300, the H200 bass felt 'fast' as well wink.gif)
In comparison, H300 is a lot faster and feels like it has less of a mid-bass boost. I'd be very very very interested to see a CSD (time decay ) plot for H300 re-bass speed. I'm curious if it's just the gradient of sub-bass,bass and mid-bass, or also the relative decay times.
To me it sound like H20Fidelity described it - every bass note - for drums is separate and impactful, and bass guitar sound very crisp (it's faster than H200 or Lear BD4.2)
If you get a pair - try your favourite pop https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pco91kroVgQ&feature=kp or your favourite Dubstep https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aHjpOzsQ9YI or hip-hop. You'll be very pleasantly surprised

I don't necessarily hear the 'amazing 3d soundstage' (H20 wink.gif ) but the stereo width is good, and the depth is decent too. It is indeed better than H200, but not as diffuse as DN-1000 or Dita the Answer, although I'd say instrument separation is better on H300 (and the sound field feels more natural on it too)
In the case of H300, I think, most likely what we're hearing is the mids detail and slightly tame mids tuning, coupled with bass speed and impact and (let's go with eqed ) highs extension and detail give it a very nice depth feel. Have I frequently heard that anywhere else - probably not. Moreover, it also sounds like a coherent package to me.

Final thoughts
I'm really looking forward to my trade in (ltd time only) H200->H300 arrival. I can't get enough of these on most of the music I listen to and H300 do sound special in many ways (mids detail, separation, bass) and are so far my overall favourite IEMs, not only in the sub $300 price bracket. I look forward comparing it to DN-2000 :P

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>and are so far my overall favourite IEMs, not only in the sub $300 price bracket.

I.e overall better eqed than all of the iems here http://www.head-fi.org/g/i/1062271/t-peos-h300-and-misc-iems-review-gallery/sort/display_order/ here
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